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    My real name is Nick, and I enjoy math! I like programming, and I love God. I plan to serve him full time not just when I grow up, but right now to the best of my ability. Technically I'm a Baptist, but I disagree with a few minor side issues. I feel that the Holy Bible is the one absolute source of truth, infallible and complete. I believe that we should pray to Jesus Christ directly, as he is our intercessor. We should not pray to Mary, or the pope, or bishops, or any other earthly man. We pray to God alone, and he alone can remove our sins.
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  1. Frigid

    Universalism: Shall All Be Saved?

    All points A, B, and C, are correct. A: God loves all = True B: God has all power for his will = True C: Not all will be saved = True The problem is with the disconnect between A and B. God loves all, and God wants all to be saved. However, he has set in place a system, a system that must be followed. He is a just God -- one who cannot have sin, therefore, no matter how much he loves us, He will not save us all, based upon the principles that he created. tl;dr Just because God loves us, doesn't mean he can compromise his rules to save us.
  2. My bad Zabby, but I agree with Cato, it's purely the readers fault in this case.
  3. It's obvious he's condemning the things in that photo, even a 1st grader could see that.
  4. Frigid

    Being "who you are"

    I know it can be meant well, but the underlying idea of this ideology, is that you shouldn't change for anyone. The christian walk is about waking up every morning, and realizing how absolutely destitute we are. It's about realizing that we are NOT good, that we are his TOOLS, and that we should never focus on ourselves. It's about never accepting ourselves, about just letting ourselves be sinful. We must constantly strive to be Christ(someone else), because we will always fall short.
  5. Frigid

    Being "who you are"

    In today's media, in our movies, in our politics(recently), and just with the songs and popular opinion, it's upheld as the #1 freeing ideology. "Be who you are. Be yourself, embrace yourself, and love yourself." This goes directly against God's Word. We are to die to ourselves, not exalt ourselves. We are to love each other, not ourselves. The Bible is all about focusing on others, not us. You weren't made to be "like you", you were made to be like Christ. So please, stop with the "I am who I am" garbage rhetoric, it's unbiblical, selfish, and stupid.
  6. Frigid

    Now Playing...

    Scarlet White - Never Looking Back Really like this song, has a good vocals, nice riff, and catchy melody, and of course, an amazing message.
  7. Uh, they can, go ahead. Most of them are stupid though, so good luck.
  8. No, I'm afraid I wasn't on the BJU blog. I've never heard of the blog until you mentioned it.

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      I thought I would respond to your post through VM instead.

    2. Frigid


      Ok, no problem. I knew it was a long shot :)

  9. Frigid

    April 2015 Update

    I've seen your profile pic before. Were you ever on the BJU blog?
  10. Frigid

    Hey there I'm Liv

    Welcome to the forum! Glad you made the choice to come back to God.
  11. None. I have no argument against being gay...that doesn't involve the Bible. And since this is a "religiously free" nation, I shouldn't be able to use a specific religion to dictate what certain people do or do not do. I think you fail to realize that I'm not a conservative.
  12. In a religiously free country, this is to be expected. One religion should not dictate anything in the government. Period. And this is coming from a Christian who believes being gay is wrong.
  13. Frigid

    My Story

    And I can't congratulate you for being Catholic.