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    My name is Reagan, I am a short tempered overly friendly person. I am funny and lame, deal with it. Arguments, I rule. I like to crochet and play guitar, I like to write songs and stories, I love The Hunger Games, Peeta is MINE! When you talk to me for the first times, unless you are meaaaaan, your going to get :) :) :)
    Just the kinda of person I am. I can be serious but I rather be fun. Like right now. You're only 13 once.
    Nice to meet you, bye!

    Oh, and... GO TED CRUZ!!!
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  1. I really don't like Hilary Clinton. Though I think Sanders might be more dangerous than her. Rubio is out. Kassick should get out and make it a two man race between Trump and Cruz, or it's diffently going to be Trump and I have this love hate relationship with him.

    1. Buoyancy


      I have a love-to-hate relationship with him.

  2. Ted Cruz won Idaho? I guess duck and potatos don't go together HAHA. Get it? Like, Donald Trump, Donald Duck... Yeah never mind...

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    2. ChristianPrincess22


      I'm not... People have a right for guns to protect themselves.

    3. Jakob


      People have the right to keep bombs in their possession in the event another party attempts to use bombs against them.

    4. GearheadGirl-440ci.


      I'm a genuine redneck then. <3

  3. ChristianPrincess22


    Honestly, I see failed pregnaceys as a mercy offering. they never have to repent to be saved from Hell, they never have to live a... Could be horrible life. They get to go the Heaven... Because they are completely innocent. But, I don't see it as God let's this happen, I think sin is a huge reason in any of this... Like cancer, it's not... There's a reason behind everything that God does, and I'm not going to question why things happen the way they do. God didn't let Adam and Eve eat the fruit. He gave them free will, all of us free will. We have the free will to have an abortion, but it's not what God wants. You can be forgiven for it, sure, but.. It's there forever, and even though people say it doesn't bother them, they will always be haunted for it. Miscarriges and everything... We have to be reminded, the world isn't perfect. I mean, keep in mind I'm not the best person to answer these question, goodness I'm 13... It's much worse because... If you didn't WANT a child, you shouldn't have taken any risks for a child. That child has the right to live, but it's a baby, he or she can't say anything. The only place where I see abortion should be accepted, is if the mother was a rape victom or.. Maybe if something is wrong with the pregnancey.
  4. Ever heard of Camp Anderson Christian Retreat in Flordia? (summer camp)

  5. ChristianPrincess22


    Well, my opinion has changed much since the first time I posted about this, now that I know more about it... I'm totally pro-life. It is a baby, a person, the second it is convinced... And even if it wasn't, you'd be killing off a potential life. Thou shalt not kill....
  6. My favorite show (Once Upon a Time) is getting into hell and the underworld and it's kind of bothering me. It's.. Every charater goes to hell because of unfinished biz? What about heaven, does it not exist? And the "underworld"... I don't know. Modern day TV XD

    1. Jesusismyticket


      well is the underworld hell actually or is the underworld wonderland? I don't know the show but I know Wonderland is actually considered Underland, the underworld, etc. so it could mean they are going to WONDERLAND.

    2. ChristianPrincess22


      Nope, they go back and fourth between calling it hell or the underworld... They've already been to Wonderland.. It's a crazy show XD

  7. Oh Lorddddd it's hard to be humble, when you're perfect in every way... I can't wait to look in the mirror... Cause I get better looking each day! To know me is to love me... XD I'm sorry, old song it's good, ignore me.

  8. ChristianPrincess22

    Early 2016 Election Poll

    Yeah, well my father knows who he wants to vote for and he's voting for the Christian.
  9. ChristianPrincess22

    Early 2016 Election Poll

    My dad says he is the only Christian in the race, besides Ben Carson, and he'd vote a Christian with no brains rather then the smartest one in the race, because he wants God in our country. Our preacher is struggling with that, he likes Trump, but he wants to vote a Christian and he's not even sure Trump is honest XD
  10. ChristianPrincess22

    Early 2016 Election Poll

    Where I come from you are a democrat or republican, and I'm republican... It's not silly to think I'm never going to vote democrat, I don't agree with one little word they say. Unless they changed completly, I would never vote democrat. I just know what party I side with, always.
  11. Well, I fell asleep watching the debate last night.... I didn't know how long it was gonna go on and I have church this morning :P

  12. I can't wait for Nascar to begin. I've been for Joey Logano since August 23rd 2014, and I think he won that night. That was the night before my 12th birthday and everyone was asleep and I had started to like Nascar a bit too much XD

  13. ChristianPrincess22

    A thread for Crochet/Knitting

    I finally finished my first scarf... It's quite interesting looking I'm working on a multi colored infinity scarf now