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  1. look at Memphis May Fire.. They're a metalcore band. I'm not too sure about other members but I know Matty Mullins, the lead singer, is a devoted christian. while singing about other issues he writes songs like Stay the Course, No Ordinary Love and Divinity. Many other songs have religious references. He has tattoos, piercings and all that jazz. That doesn't make him less of a christian. He collaborates with other mainstreamish bands. He does music festivals and stuff like that. Look into him more. I couldn't answer all your questions but I hope this helps!
  2. _Liv_

    Modest Clothing?

    Hi everyone! I'd like to ask do you try to dress modestly? If so what clothes are off limits? Also just general information about it would be great! ~ LIv
  3. _Liv_


    Hey Alex I'm new to the site too! I hope to get baptised soon
  4. _Liv_

    Salvation: Faith alone or Faith + Works

    "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord" - Romans 6:23 To me this means that death strips us of our sin as that is our punishment for being sinners. But if we believe and love God we are offered the gift of eternal life.
  5. Everyone posting status about the SCOTUS ruling... my thoughts are we shouldn't worry to much about whats legit in the eyes of the law. We know what God would want and in the end thats what matters

  6. _Liv_

    Hey there I'm Liv

    I'd say non-denominational Christian
  7. I'm working off that guidelines thing because I have no idea what to say. I'm Liv (clearly female). I'm 15 years old and am from NSW, Australia. I am a high school student and I love to play piano, program computery stuff and do drama. I was born into Catholicism before becoming an atheism at around 11 or 12. A few months ago I started relearning about Christianity before deciding to become a Christian about a month ago. I found this forum by searching "Christian teen forum" because I'd love to meet other teens like me