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  1. Jesus Geek

    God as a Vending Machine

    One of the very many beliefs I had is as soon as we come to God and ask him for help, I sometimes always expected it to happen. Sometimes thats all I did and I am very guilty for this. I want heaven but im not willing to go through hell first. I begin wanting things to happen on my own time and things to happen my own ways. When God objects these things to only happen in his time we become confused, anger, and even much disbelief regardless of all the previous blessings and proof. Its like I was treating God as a vending machine and not my savior. Being ignorant into the religion I never realized how simple it was; put God first and everything else in life will fall into line. Another task I am guilty of is trying to half effort God and maybe you can relate. I would praise God on Sundays but when Monday came it was like I was a completely different person. Everything else in life begins to control you and you lose sight of the savior. I learned you can't do this anyway. Its all or nothing. You either want God or nothing but I never said it was easy.. Any thoughts?
  2. Jesus Geek

    Annoying Kid

    Hes 18, I dont think his parents would have any say what he does I can try but we're all adults and I guarentee he will deny it. Well, yeah and why would you think it was about you?
  3. Jesus Geek

    Annoying Kid

    well, im kind of in a tough situation. To make a long story short, I have this issue at school, a kid thats really bothering my girlfriend always touching her and messing with her. He very well knows shes my girlfriend. I am not sure why he is doing this but he never does it in front of me so he thinks I am blinded sided with it. My question is what should I do? If I confront the kid, I know I will be in the situation of putting his face in the pavement because the kid is known to start problems. But, I live for Christ and Christ would very well be against that decision of fighting. What do I do? My girlfriend has told him plenty of times to stop but he continues to do it, even somehow getting her number and texting her but she was able to block his number. I just moved to Florida so I dont know any of these kids but I have had problems with fighting in the past but thats not the kind of person I am today. His mentality is he doesn't care about anything and like I said confronting him would involve me fighting the kid becasue I can already see it playing out him saying "what are you going to do about it". I know very well I'd beat this kid but again I don't want to this because Christ wouldn't want this. Please help.
  4. Jesus Geek

    I have ruined my life

    First off, we are all the same. We all do stupid things that we later regret. I promise you will never ever meet a human being that has never experienced regret. Friends are friends. She may not feel comfortable hanging out wit you but thats okay, everything happens for a reason. Its great your best friend forgave you because alot of the time that would not have been the case. You're fine man, that happened for a reason. Maybe god doesnt want you talking to her anymore
  5. Well, I think all us single guys or even girls have these questions. But we just have to stay strong into faith. Just remember everything happens for a reason man, and as long as you believe and trust in him, he promises to make it worth our while and even more than you can ever imagine. Ecclesiastes 3:1-15
  6. Jesus Geek

    Weed. Yeah, I said it.

    You're exactly right. Even on the addiction part, because as I stated before, anything that brings us pleasure is addictive. You can be addicted to shopping, people, sex, you can be addicted to smacking yourself if it somehow brings you pleasure.
  7. Jesus Geek

    Christian teen iPhone app

    If enough people would support this, I will develop it. The 99/year would not apply as I have many ways around getting things free with the apple app store.
  8. Jesus Geek

    Weed. Yeah, I said it.

    Yes but you wouldn't have your focus on God. You'd be to lazy to even read the bible or even pray. I can tell you this first hand you can't have a relationship with Christ smoking pot daily. I don't see issues with occassional use but just like alcohol, it states that you shall not be come intoxicated. Weed wasn't around back then as much as it is now. Ephesians 5:18: And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit. Meaning you should only be high or drunk on the holy spirit, nothing else. As I said before, you lose focus on what is important, God. You become lazy, you very easily loose interest in things when it becomes daily use. This applies with alcohol as well, just replace drunk with high as I said it wasn't around back then. The only thing we should be intoxicated with is the holy spirit. Ephesians 5:18: And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit.
  9. Jesus Geek

    Christian teen iPhone app

    Alright so do you guys think thats a no?
  10. Jesus Geek

    Weed. Yeah, I said it.

    Well, I was "addicted" to pot. It is physically impossible to be but it very well easily is mentally addicting. After stopping it was the only thing on my mind and all I wanted was to go back. With that being said, I slip up just like any other drug addict on harder drugs. But, the bible doesn't say anything in the bible about it, nor does it say anything about other drugs though we know those are devil infested aswell. Replace the word alcohol with pot or marijuana. If you still aren't convinced, put it this way. You start worshipping kush becoming a pot head or even if you occasionally do it. Being "stoned" really gets you low, and it traps you. It really does. You loose all interest in god and you want to just smoke. God is very jealous. He wants our attention always. You begin to not care, and even skip reading the bible a few nights, and a few nights turns into weeks, and you eventually just loose all interest in him being trapped in that habit. Becoming close to god, you can quickly realize god does not like pot or being intoxicated with just about anything just for "pleasure". If its being used as LEGIT medical reasoning and only this reasoning, not just "i have trouble sleeping" or "sometimes I have headaches", its a far different story because god approves of todays medicine for the soul purpose of only healing an issue. If you do not believe me, ask yourself this. If you smoke weed, are you close to god as much as you'd like to be? You and him have the greatest relationship you two are best friends? No.. Because you lose focus on him. You really do. Me, personally, it was all trying to be satified. You cant be satified with any of these godly pleasures. Its an endless game that gives you 80% satisfaction that just keeps you trying to strive for that extra 20% that you of course will never get. This applies to sex, shopping addictions, tattoes, ect. any mental addiction. You keep telling yourself that one day youll be cool, that the next thing you do, buy, get, you will finally be "cool" or satisfied. But, of course, it never does come. Hope I helped answer your question
  11. Hey guys, I was just browsing the forum on my phone and it's pretty bad quality using safari. I was wondering if you guys would support me in making my own Christian teen app for the forums? I have much experience with computing programming and know a few languages very well so this could be easily made. I could also add support for the games and all that but of course it would take some time and effort and wouldn't do it if nobody wants it. Would anyone want/support this? I could look into adding an android app as well, would you guys want it?
  12. Jesus Geek


    Awesome! It in no way benefits me, it just helps Cary out with the nasty web hosting prices each month that I feel bad about
  13. Jesus Geek

    To Save a Life

    Well, he shot in the school, shot himself, and not sure, i considered it shooting up the school as he did shoot in the school hahah idk
  14. Hey guys, if some of you were wondering of some way to help out the forum like I was, there actually is an option to donate money to the forum. Now, Cary is in no way begging or needing your donations but I enjoy this forum very much as it has helped me out alot. VPS's/web hosting is pretty expensive because I used to host servers with websites and such and its not a great time paying for the bill. I know alot of you here are just teens and don't even own a credit card but thats okay! I am making this thread to reach out to those who have a couple extra bucks or are just looking to help out!. You are in no way having to donate or anything this is just for those who were wanting to give back to the community. Well, its great if you could donate but praying donation always works out well! The link is below for the Gofundme account! Thanks for your time! CLICK HERE FOR THE GOFUNDME ACCOUNT
  15. Jesus Geek

    To Save a Life

    Cant say I have. Will check it out tomorrow and let you know