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  1. Owlfeathers

    Roleplay Discussion

    Are RPs dead here guys?
  2. Owlfeathers

    When was the last time you....

    Uh......a long time ago? XD his name was pinky because he was a pink betafish and I I refused to believe he was a guy When was the last time you cuddled with a dog?
  3. Owlfeathers

    A Weird RP-ish Idea

    The problem here is, you're asking other people to help write a book for you and you'll just be taking whatever they write and claiming it as your own. I think you can get into some legality stuff there. Might want to give that a thought amidst all your rambling.
  4. Owlfeathers

    Who killed Contemporary Christian Music?

    I think I can definitely agree that CCM nowadays is lacking something. What is sad to me is to go to a concert and the CCM artists make jokes about hippie songs from their childhood, while the Christian rock artists talk about Jesus. And yet the CCMs are always calling the Christian rockers fake Christians. I have a love-hate relationship with Christian radio. It seems like the bar has been taken down and thrown on the floor when it comes to music quality in CCM. THERE ARE SO MANY TERRIBLE NEW CHRISTIAN SONGS. I'm sitting here in my car going this is the crappiest song I have ever heard, WHY is it on the radio?? And the big problem is that the mainstream now comes to expect that of all Christian music. Literally so many people don't even recognize Christian artists as real musicians. Occasionally I'll talk to a nonbeliever who heard one of the few really amazing quality Christian songs, and they're like WOW I didn't know there was any Christian music that's actually any good! Get your act together, CCM.
  5. Owlfeathers

    Share your Art!

    Woo! It worked.
  6. Owlfeathers

    Share your Art!

    Let's see if this will work. I'm a traditional artist, by the way.
  7. Hmm...I don't think that's really how I mean it. More like...you know regular "Christian" music is for Christians. Most of it is about growing your walk with Christ, worshipping/loving/crying out to God, how you came to God, what God has done for you, what you're going to do for God, etc. And that's just no good for the majority of the lost (ESPECIALLY in the rock world). They can't worship a God they don't have a relationship with so why would you expect them to listen to Christian music? There's the challenge. Making music to reach out to the lost. While it doesn't do much good to make unchristian music, it doesn't do much good to make overly Christian music either, because then it's like you're only talking to believers (and as we said with the conservatives, the believers are not the objective). Now of course I am not saying there's anything wrong with Christian music for Christians to worship God and all that good stuff. That is great and important and some people are called to that and they're doing a great job serving God's people. That's just not what I'm called to. Did that make any sense? Well...I never really follow fashion trends. I like to shop at thrift stores. At the moment I'm wearing flare jeans with the knees ripped out and an oversized button up plaid shirt. Combat boots are the only reason I've ever considered wearing skinny jeans. maybe if I rip out the knees in mine I'll be more inclined to wear them. I'm not much into the high waisted pants thing. though lowrise can definitely be annoying with the underwear problem. And I suppose I just like how lip rings look on me.
  8. Thanks for replying. I don't want to be associated with religion so much, but I want people to know I'm a Christian and for my life and music to reflect that, otherwise I'm not serving any purpose for God, I'm just doing it for myself. Maybe I wasn't clear on it, but however deep into the mainstream world it may get, this (future) band's biggest priority is not to make music, it's to bring people Jesus through music.
  9. Thank you for replying!I'm not a whiny white kid with weird hair, too much eyeliner and a boring life, if that's what you were thinking. But I can understand why some people might think that. I don't know if anybody read the top of the post, where I said I was doing this because God's called me to it... o_O As for the nose piercings, I would never get a bull ring. I like a nice little silver stud. And besides that lip piercings are unsanitary, what is your opinion of them? On the ears I want a triple helix That's what I figure I'll do for my first tat- a shoulder one. Skulls make me a little uncomfortable, but they're pretty prominent in modern culture for some reason. I guess I wonder more, are skulls just "modern culture" or really a death symbol? Haha. I don't do black lipstick or neon makeup. I don't really do makeup, as far as foundation and eyeshadows and blush and all that. I wear waterproof mascara and 24-hour eyeliner, so I can just reapply in the morning. Maybe that will seem weird, no makeup, in the rock world but I guess I don't give a crap. (Is it weird that I dislike skinny jeans? I guess I'm stuck in the early 2000s) Thank you. That's really what I have to do, because like I said, God is calling me to trust Him and do something I don't know how I'm going to do. God likes to do that a lot. -.-
  10. Owlfeathers

    What book are you reading now?

    Way too many things at once. The Lord Of The Rings Cryptid Hunters by Roland Smith Divergent by Veronica Roth Crossed by Ally Condie AHA by Kyle Idleman The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson Loving Your God With All Your Mind by (well...idk) And there's more but, these are the ones that come to mind.
  11. Hello. So I'm very new to this forum and I want to be clear, I just want some advice, a little discussion, of people's thoughts and facts and feelings etc. because they genuinely want to help me figure out what I want to know and all that. Okay so this is the jist of it. I've recently come to grips with God's call on my life to work in music. I love music but I have social anxiety and it's a struggle for me to sing in front of people. I don't trust my ability at all and I know God's been asking me to jump off of the cliff of my comfort zone and my ability and trust in His ability. (He literally told me "you're going to walk alone where I will lead you" last month) So I'm doing it. I just joined my church choir, started learning guitar, and will be (hopefully) taking voice lessons sometime soon. (Anybody had voice lessons before?) Now on to the rest of it. I'm called to the world of rock music and the many lost, broken, angry people there. As much as I dread it, it's in my heart to reach the dark the places not many Christians go; places braved only by a handful or so of Christian bands (who seem to be constantly ridiculed and hated by a large portion of the Christian community). I don't WANT to be hated by conservative Christians, but since I am not even called to their corner, should I even worry about that? Should I worry that I might be ridiculed as a false teacher by "extreme" Christians? (Not hating on them, just telling the truth; I have seen "Christian" extremists telling emo kids to plug themselves into a light socket and drown themselves in their bathtub) Some people do listen to them, after all. And there's always the "tightrope" walk of being very careful not to be so mainstream you're a poor witness but not to be so Christian that nonbelievers won't give you the time of day. And there's me. I don't know anything about anything (except that God knows I don't know anything and He still wants me to do it, which freaks me out). My family is more or less conservative, my dad's a pastor. I've been asking for almost a year now to get the tops of my ears pierced and they're still "thinking about it". But I didn't come here to gripe about my parents, that's just so you get the picture of my knowing nothing about nothing (in regard to the mainstream). [by the way, for anyone who doesn't understand what I mean by "mainstream" I mean "secular, worldy, etc"] There's the whole tattoo/piercing/black thing. I'd like to get my nose pierced as well as my lip(I don't dare ask for this, it will have to be after 18) and the tops of my ears. (You might think I'm going through a punk phase or rebellion, but I'm really not guys) Can I get some thoughts on that? Think it would look trashy? I think it might look trashy on some people but I have a particularly young looking face, and I don't think it would look trashy on me (but I don't know). But then, should I even care if others think it looks trashy? Maybe not, IF I wasn't going to be in the public eye. I've never actually known any Christians with lip piercings, although I'm sure there are some out there. (I'll update my profile picture to be a picture of me with fake ones if anyone wants to give input on that trashy or not thing) And then I'm not opposed to the idea of tattoos, but that's something I'll have to pray and think about for a long time before going through with. And then there are the health concerns with both piercings and tattoos, as well as image (as far as, will I be able to get a job, will it hinder my witness and things like that) And problems with black? Black clothes, black nail polish, black makeup, etc. And clothing with skulls on it? I always feel weird about that. I'd like to hear some thoughts on it. Just to be clear, I am not emo or goth. I could be called scene but I'm not really trying on that, I'm just quiet. I don't want to be emo or goth, either. And collaborating with other musicians? I'm sure I'll make some mainstream musician friends; any thoughts on singing on a mainstream album or having a mainstream singer sing on my album? Would it be a bad witness to support a mainstream artist/album? What do you think of mainstream festivals and tours? Thoughts about raising a family on the road, or going on the road without family? Good idea or going to backfire? Do you think there's a problem with having "Christian" and "rock music" in the same sentence? If not, where do you draw the line? Do you draw the line? It's not that I'm dumb and don't have opinions on any of these matters, I just want to hear from other Christians about it. (If this is in the wrong section sorry, I'm new) If anybody has any music-related advice for me, feel free to share that too. (Singing, playing guitar/piano/drums/violin, writing music, etc.) Or if you have anything else to say to me, go for it. I'd really like to just get some advice, some thoughts, some discussion in regard to everything I've mentioned. And if you're just reading this and you don't have anything to say, just pray for God to give me wisdom and send me all the right people. And if it wasn't clear, the future band to come will not be out there just to make music. We will be out there to show people Jesus through the avenue of music.
  12. Owlfeathers

    I'm forming a band once I get to college!

    What do you mean?Just curious because I feel like God's calling me into music.
  13. Owlfeathers

    My favorite Christian Band

    Sorry I'm late here lol but I love Disciple. Outlaws is my favorite song. I have a heavy taste too! I always feel like the odd one out >.>
  14. Owlfeathers

    My favorite Christian Band

    *fistbump* Disciple!