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  1. Susellac22

    Finding a Church

    So I recently moved somewhere far from where I was born&raised, I left my good friends my family, my house, school, and what I really miss my church❤️. Ive been trying to have patience and pray to find a New church but there's alot of false doctrine nowadays, due to this I haven't found a church where I can share with my family in christ
  2. Susellac22

    God is so good

  3. Susellac22

    My Best Friend

    I know it may be late, but Ill have her in prayers still... I hope you had the opportunity to talk and let God change her mind!!
  4. Susellac22

    A new one here..

    Hey Im new here... Looking forward to meet people, help and be helped ❤️❤️
  5. Hello, nice to meet you! Hope to help you with anything in the future. Im Susell...☺️
  6. Susellac22

    Dating an early person

    I have my personal time with the Lord every day, my life is simply him. I want to serve him with all I am I want to pray to God for as long as I breathe and I want to take my decisions based on his will. I understand that probably dating someone at a young age usually makes you do stuff that you shouldn't been doing or even thinking about them and obviously this is more likely to happen if you date an earthly person. But what If I just want to try to take him to church? What if I developed feelings that I cant just forget? I feel like life has brought him so down and has broken him in so many ways and I think he feels helpless in some way, due to this he wants 'enjoy' life by drinking and stuff that I certainly don't share. I guess I really want to be a shoulder to him and help him heal but I dont know if it would be okay for me to date or TRY to date someone like that after all 2 of corinthians 6:14 says Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?.... I need an advice here.. Opinions about the topic
  7. Susellac22

    Who Is God To You?

    I see God as my life, my breath, my way, and my feet, he's simply my life. I feel like if I stop, even for a second, seeking him, everything will go down... I think I became so dependable of him that I cant even describe myself without saying that I live because he died for me. Basing on this I would say God is the very root of my life