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  1. paraskeve

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    I iz alive...somehow. Anyhoo, how are you all?
  2. Life sounds like, I'm ALIVE-

  3. Simple. Just don't bring up the topic. I have lots of 'friends' and people that I care about, that are LGBT, atheist, etc. Generally, they're respectful and stay away from those controversial topics; from my experience, it's only the absolute horrible people that wave the topic around and argue illogically about their side/cause. (hint hint) Also, this specific issue that you've brought up, (you being orthodox, and they being atheist), this is a huge social issue that you alone won't win against. Christianity is a dying religion here in the United States. My personal suggestion would be that you ignore the topic, and treat them like your 'normal' Christian friends. Also, I must add that I feel rather suspicious of how you've typed this, given that the LGBT and Atheists are humans, and deserve as much respect and love as us Christians; you seem to think that you must play missionary, or preach to them about Christianity, which leads me to my final two statements; Don't play the missionary. It'll only cause bitterness and arguments; you won't win that fight. Unless your issue is about talking Christianity to them, and you trying to play missionary all along, and not how to get along with these people... in which case, do read the two statements above. ^-^
  4. Dressed up as Darth Vader (while baking scones) so I just sat down on a chair, took a cup of tea, and started reading Emma and 'drinking tea' with my mask on. >:D

    1. Buoyancy


      I want pictures. This sounds like it sums up the internet. 

  5. paraskeve

    Exactly How Can Trump Make America Great Again?

    Trump is basically crazy; he's uncontrolled, crass, violent, (owns a strip club) and frankly is mentally unstable; I really don't want to see him as president. XP
  6. Today; I'm 5,474 days. Tomorrow, I'll be 5,475 days old.

  7. paraskeve


    Aw, g'bye!
  8. paraskeve

    Any tea-drinkers?

    I love apple-spice tea... it's all loose-leaf, xD so now I'm a tea snob. But then again, so are my parents.
  9. paraskeve

    So Long

    Ah, farewell... we'll all miss you.
  10. paraskeve

    10 Year anniversary

    That's awesome!
  11. Wow. XD this is cool!

  12. Overconfidence is a flimsy shield. (TAKE NOTE RODIMUS).

  13. paraskeve

    Sorry to bother....but Please Pray......

    I'll be praying for you. :hugs:
  14. I think Andy Grammer's 'Keep Your Head Up' is a perfect sum-up of my personality/thinking. XD

  15. paraskeve

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    ​So apparently, my Highschool PE will be archery and (hopefully), fencing! (Dad suggested lacrosse too. XD) the reason why, is that I'm religious, and homeschooled. So I need to 'look good', and archery/fencing is stuff that private-schooled people do, and it'll grab attention/say 'I'm respectable'. ​I have my bow; it's 45 pound draw-weight, (yes, I can actually pull it back; not all the way, but I can pull it back. XD) and I can actually legally hunt with it. I need to practice more, I'm not that good yet. But still! I'm rather excited to start highschool.