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    I'm new. My name is Janelle and I'm 18. :)
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    Writing, art, photography, reading, piano, guitar
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    College Student
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About Me

My name is Janelle :)

You can also call me Nelly, but only if you want to.

I'm a Psychology major and I intend on someday creating a foundation that provides free or discounted therapy for those who cannot afford to do so.

I'm a bookworm and an aspiring author. Writing is a big part of my life. I play piano, guitar, and clarinet. I love playing The Sims, it's a guilty pleasure of mine. I'm an introvert or better know as INFP personality type.


I love acting, singing, and making music. I'm a dog person and love nerdy shows like The Big Bang Theory. 


I love all kinds of music, especially rock (Skillet, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Pierce The Veil, Three Days Grace... etc)


I also really love Demi Lovato, Melanie Martinez, Sia, Lady Gaga, Halsey, and Marina and the Diamonds.


I spend most of my free time watching Netlfix and pretending that I'm cool.