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    Two Truths and A Lie

    Here's the rules: 1) One at a time someone posts 2 truths about themselves, and 1 lie. 2) The next person tries to guess which is the lie 3) The original poster then says the correct answer 4) The process repeats, the next person posts two truths and a lie about themselves and the game continues. I'll start: I petted a dolphin before I ordered chinese food every day for a week I got lost at an airport by myself
  2. Silentflood

    Anime Group

    I think it would be really cool if people who watch anime have a group here. Where we can talk about different animes and such, and even manga. Please comment if you read manga or watch anime thanks, Janelle xo
  3. Silentflood

    Any Skillet fans on here?

    Just need to know. I want to make a special thread or chat where we can chat about Skillet because I absolutely love them.
  4. Silentflood

    About Donald Trump

    I hope this topic doesn't get people too heated Okay so what's your opinion on Donald Trump and do you believe he should be president? Also, what are your concerns if he does become president. About me: I don't like him or anything he stands for. My concern is if he becomes president, it'll make other countries target us more than they already do. Ok have fun in the comments
  5. I tend to mainly read psalms because I'm not sure how to start. When I read other books, I tend to get confused or not understand what is going on at all. It's so frustrating because I feel like I should be able to know all the bible stories. I know some from children books that I used to have. But I don't know all of them. I feel like a failed christian haha :/
  6. Silentflood

    About Donald Trump

    I asked because it sounds like she includes african americans in the term "alien" Because really, to go off topic, we are all aliens. Native Americans were here first.
  7. Silentflood

    About Donald Trump

    So, in your opinion, what is your definiton of illegal aliens?
  8. Silentflood

    Anime Group

    Looks like you're the only one here who does
  9. Silentflood

    About Donald Trump

    I don't like Hilary either, though, I want to know why you feel she us a nightmare?
  10. Silentflood

    About Donald Trump

    I agree
  11. Silentflood

    Introvert or Extrovert?

    I'm an introvert. But also remember that there are ambiverts. They are in the middle of introvert and extrovert.
  12. Silentflood

    Any tea-drinkers?

    My favorite is peach tea, I get them as tea bags. So good. I add honey and sugar to it as well. I also like sleepytime tea when insomnia rages.
  13. Silentflood

    What book are you reading now?

    I'm reading "Frostbite" It's the second book in the Vampire Academy series...really good!
  14. I haven't been on here for so long

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    2. PlasmaHam


      Hi! I have no idea who you are so I will just say hi again.


    3. Silentflood
    4. FOX545


      Hey, good to see you back Janelle

  15. Silentflood

    Continue the story game

    I want to play a game Okay so in this game, you continue the story to the line the person above has said. So I'm going to say a sentence, and you continue by typing another sentence to finish the story. Let's see how this story goes. You can change the plot however you want. But please don't respond with more than a 2 sentence response at a time. Let's begin: It was a sunny day, but Sara knew something was wrong.
  16. I need prayers... seriously

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    2. FOX545


      I'll be praying seriously Janelle

    3. Delores Stariana

      Delores Stariana

      I'm praying Janelle.

    4. paraskeve


      You can always PM me if you need to talk, and I'm praying for you. :)

  17. Does anyone here crochet or knit? I personally crochet, I love it. I'm planning on learning to knit at some point. I want to make this thread for us to talk about crochet/knitting and the things we make or have made, and other cool things. I just want to talk to others who crochet or knit and to create a space for us.
  18. Everyone please welcome my good friend "whoisthemonster" she is new. If you would introduce yourself to her it'll be nice.

  19. Silentflood

    Capitalization of God

    Yes God is capitalized, gods are lowercase.
  20. Working on a mini album and a poetry book at the same time is stressful. But fun.

  21. Silentflood


    How do you feel about exorcisms/what is your opinion on them?I don't feel any way about them. I think they can be helpful if it is really needed. There have been cases where exorcism was harmful because the person wasn't actually possessed, just dealing with mental illness. Do you think evil can manifest itself in a supernatural/paranormal way, or is it a figment of a frightened imagination? Definitely. There are demons and there are evil spirits. Do you think people can be possessed by the Devil/demons/evil spirits? Yes. I mean it was in the bible.
  22. So I have resulted to writing in my journal in Spanish and English. I'm 18 years old and my mom is not trustworthy. The parts that are personal are written in Spanish.

  23. Silentflood

    A thread for Crochet/Knitting

    That's the same issue I have I work on 20 projects at one time xD
  24. Silentflood

    What book are you reading now?

    I finished it. It was good! Now I just need to see the movie.