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  1. So basically I can't get a girlfriend at my youth group I am one of the most popular guys all the guys wanna hang out with me and girls all say they love me and then as soon as I show interest beyond friendship they quickly distance themselves. I don't know what to do I have been told I'm to nice and need to treat girls with less respect cuz that's what they want but idk that's not me, don't get me wrong I'm not mister nice guy I playfully tease girls and stuff but I don't treat them like I could care less about them and my friends are telling me that's how to roll. I mean I don't know what else to do. And I feel like I must b dawg ugly cuz all the girls like hanging out basically I'm a great friend but to ugly to be anything more. Plus every girl I ask out says she wants to focus on God (which just saying every guy knows is bullcrap just say your not interested cuz u just give him false hope) and then a month or two later they date some other guy who ends up using them they give him what he wants and he moves on the girl comes back heartbroken and refuses to date until another bad boy sweeps her off her feet. I just don't know what to do I need advice
  2. Am I even a Christian after that. I mean I know nothing I can do to lose my salvation but if I did that mayb I'm not even saved
  3. So I am leaving for college on Saturday and I decided to hang out with one of my best friends before I go she is also my best friends gf. My best friend had football so he couldn't come along. Me and her hung out and had a good time up until I did something so stupid and wrong. We were just chilling in my car and then for whatever reason I made a move on her. It is dumb because I love my best friend more than anyone n this world and his gf and I were super close I helped lead her to Christ I have helped her through a lot and she has helped me. But she's very attractive and I guess I got caught up n that, I made a move (I put my hand on her leg and said something like let me rub your legs I know there sore) she said no I didn't touch her after that but I kept talking about how let's just cuddle and let me give u a massage and the context was sexual. Then she asked me to take her home I started to but then pulled over and said something like its not that bad I just want to do a little bit of stuff nothing to bad at that point I realized I was really scaring her so I took her home. I apologized to her over the phone as soon as I got home myself then I quickly met my best friend after his practice and told him what I did we hugged it out and I said I was sorry repeatedly and he said he forgives me I asked him if he still wanted to be close and he said u hurt me but I still love u just don't do it again and he said ate relationship used to be a 10 and now its a 7.5 but that he wants it to get back where it was. Then I apologized again this morning to his gf thru text she says she forgives me but doesn't think we can b friends, and I hate it cuz I want to go back and not b an idiot I want my relationships to heal and I am leaving and afraid that they will both hate me. I want her to trust me like before she used to trust me with everything but how can she after putting her in that situation. I honestly don't think I would have done anything had she been willing. but what I did was so wrong to put her n that situation. Those are my two best friends and in ten minutes time I ruined my life. I just want to die I would never kill myself but I have thought about it. I just want things to go back the way they were.