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    Hi there. Online I usually go by Vincent but on here I feel safe enough to put my real name, Grant. I'm seventeen years old, and I will soon be a senior in high school and a sophomore in college. I like to spend my time reading, discussing, playing video games, traveling, and acting.
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    Acting, singing, dancing, Nintendo, reading, worshiping, Indie games.
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  1. Watched Micah Jeub's 2014 NCFCA Humorous Interpetation performance on YouTube (national champion) (x) (super hilarious, well worth the thirteen minutes), as well as Leah Busler's 1st place monologue for NITOC competition, part of Stoa (x) (moving performance). They are so good and I'm a theater kid so I loooved watching these. NCFCA and Stoa are speech and debate leagues for Christian homeschool students—they make me wish I was homeschooled, because I would absolutely love being a part of them! Speech and debate has interested me recently, though I've never participated in it at school. I don't think the speech and debate club at school is right for me, but a serious Christ-centered league just looks amazing. If you got this far into this lengthy status update, then first: congratulations, and second: please watch these videos... they're amazing. Other videos are also up on youtube from competitors. The two videos I shared aren't really speech and debate but there are also videos of those. I just wanted to share these two because I think Jeub's and Busler's performances are entertaining and touching, respectively. If you watch them or have anything to add about these organizations (I just heard about them!), please comment! Have any of you been involved with NCFCA or Stoa before?