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    Music and soccer is my life, although I enjoy basketball, baseball, and football as well...Huge Panhead, love rock, heavy metal, rap, and Christian rap, rock, and heavy metal...gamer, artist, athlete, songwriter, lead vocalist/guitarist for Two-Edged Swordsmen (New Christian Rock/Rap band.) In partnership for Toy Soldiers (New Christian Rap Duo.) Ask me whatever...Bands: Skillet//Disturbed//Three Days Grace//Thousand Foot Krutch//Fireflight//Pillar//Theory of a Deadman//Disciple//Fit For A King//Red//Flyleaf//Black Veil Brides//30 Seconds To Mars//Shinedown//Stryper//We As Human//Nine Lashes//Lecrae//tobyMac//Andy Mineo//Casting Crowns//Trip Lee//The Ambassador//Family Force 5//KB//Manafest//MercyMe//(maybe more...) HEBREWS 4:12
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    SC, Dat's all you need to know. :P
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    Music, Sports, Gaming, anything else almost...idk, read my bio. :P
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    TES Lead Vocalist/Guitarist
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    Baptist, I guess, but aren't we all supposed to be one family?
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    Gage "HevyMetalSaint"
  1. listening to Untraveled Road by TFK, love this song and Born This Way

  2. listening to Red, Get Scared, Wolves At The Gate, blessthefall, and Falling Up...marked myself a bit again, was just at a SICK youth group party, so yeah

  3. Another music update: I Am Machine, Landmine, and Nothing's Fair In Love And War by Three Days Grace

  4. Y'all should know by now music is my LIFE, so here;s another music update: Angel by Theory of a Deadman, not Christian, but a good rock band nonetheless

    1. Buoyancy


      End of the Summer by that group touches my feels every time.

  5. Rockin' out to Warpath and Bitter End by Fit For A King, awesome Christian metalcore band

    1. GearheadGirl-440ci.


      Those are cool.

      Btw, I love a ton of the stuff you have in your profile. B)

  6. Figured out the secret to life, Christian rock or metal, Nightcored, to the speed of 0.5x and/or 1.25x

  7. Love Nightcore. Love Nightcore. LOVE NIGHTCORE AND WE AS HUMAN!!!

  8. listening to On That Cross by Flame, uhp, too late, now it's Hillsong United's Oceans, but, but, but! ROCK VERSION, BOI! tbh the normal version is too slow for me so I listen to rock wayyyyy more, im a HUGE metalhad/rocker

  9. dude no, im saying if someone has questions, or help, or something with us, we dont HAVE our music yet, we are working on it, remember I'm 13 and Elder Scrolls would be tES or ES because of th word 'the'
  10. Again, I don't really listen to separate albums, just songs, like Let The Sparks Fly, I Get Wicked, and Light Up The Sky by TFK, also This Is War is good by 30StM, but it portrays some false content, song good tho, but yeah TFK and Nine Lashes are my new fav bands for now

  11. Lovin' this, my new favorite rock bands are We As Human, Nine Lashes, and Thousand Foot Krutch...much as I love Skillet, their new album has to pull me back to them xD. Seriously tho 0-0 TFK, WAH, and NL are the best

    1. Mu_


      TFK is great, but their new album wasn't as good as the one before it

  12. Listening to Twisted by Trip Lee, a Christian rapper, and hey, what's yr fav band/artist? Categorize it by rock, rap, hip hop, contemporary, or metal (as if there is someone besides me who likes metal.) unless u dont like rock or soemthing... Holla @ me, mah beloved brethren!

  13. Yo! Who's bored? :P I am, but gonna work out and clean my room today, keep praying for Anna and Brittany, and me, 'cuz I feel like I ruined this xD. Ok, peace, my beloved brethren!

  14. Ok, so going #Bowling today, and wow KJ-52 has some great songs like his Video Game song, his Mountain Dew song, and Coke Fry Cheeseburger... xD Dont judge me fools.

  15. Go follow my Instagram: @hevy_metal_saint got some of my best artwork on there, and listen, if you gonna comment something like, oh they're okay, oh i don't like them anymore, then just don't, it's a waste of my time and yours.