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  1. Sierra_ Punk

    The Testimony of an Ex-Homosexual

    I was, reason why I say that (and I forgot to mention) I almost asked my best friend since childhood to go out with me, then I discovered the verse I mentioned. God pretty much prevented me from going any further.
  2. Before I get into detail, I just want to say that God has put in my heart to share this, so if you have the same struggles as I did, I just want to let you know that you are not alone. It all started when I was 11 and for the first time I was allowed to have a computer in my room, and of course my parents talked to me about online safety and such, but at that age I didn't really listen. So one day I was looking stuff up and somehow (I don't remember how) I stumbled into a lesbian porn website. After seeing it for the first time I was intrigued, mainly because I knew what sex was and it was supposed to be in between a man and a woman. Being the curious girl I was, I kept watching it, then it turned into an addiction. Two years later I got really deep into my Bible Studies. I eventually stumbled into a verse that scared me, Leviticus 18:22. I got really upset after that, I didn't know what to think, so I started praying about it, and yes I got an answer, but I was in denial. Then I tried talking to my parents about it without coming out, I would ask questions but made sure that they didn't lead towards me, and of course, they gave me the same answer. Until I could find an answer I decided to not date anyone at all no matter what gender until I figured out what I should do, I did know the answer, but It wasn't something that I wanted to hear.) After that I struggled with depression, I cried every night because I felt that if I told anyone or if anyone even found out they would abandon me, because I knew people that did get abandoned because of it. Another two years have passed, my depression has gotten worse, and the stress of other things were getting to me, and of course the Gay Marriage thing happened around that time which made everything worse since I heard what my family thought of it, then within that same week I finally broke, I was weeping and so was my soul. As I was crying my parents took notice of what was going on, so I had to tell them and yes, they were in shock, but they didn't hurt me, they didn't say that I was going to hell, they didn't bash me with the bible like I thought they would... they were peaceful about it. We talked about it for awhile then chose to drop the subject because other things were going on. The next day my Dad and I were in our garage looking for something for my Mom. We were talking about it again which led to prayer... which led to salvation. I felt better and whole again, the depression faded away along with the anger. I looked at the world better than I did a year ago. I finally found silence in the choas I was in. To whoever that is going through this, God does love you and He has a bright future for you. Follow Him and He will lead you to great places. Yes, I know things are tough now, but the Lord is with you and He is definitley listening. God Bless .
  3. Sierra_ Punk

    Your Hobbies!

    Playing guitar, writing, reading, drawing, and playing video games... lots and lots of video games, lol.
  4. Sierra_ Punk

    Just another newbie :3

    I am doing pretty good, thank you!
  5. Hello! I signed up not that long ago and so far i'm liking this site. How is everyone? :
  6. Hello! :3

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