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  1. Mine have to do with becoming a more gentle, kinder person. I'm a little rough around the edges and I want to change that, and become a lady. I'm also going to learn how to cook more, clean more, knit better, and sew.
  2. I'll wear them on special occasions like Homecoming or Prom or graduation, but I don't wear them casually; already tall enough as it is (5'6)
  3. Hope

    What to do?

    I'm sure this girl will forgive you if you explain to her what you had been feeling that caused you to do this. Your relationship might be different after this, but if you are honest with her she is bound to continue talking with you. So if you still want to be her friend (Or more, I don't know) then I highly suggest talking with her about what happened. Praying for you and your plight.
  4. Nope, I'm down in the South. Thinking about going to University in Oregon, though
  5. Hope

    For my mother

    Thank you all so much <3
  6. "The Crucible", 1996 version. For my English class I'm supposed to read The Crucible, so I watched the movie. Yes, I'm planning on actually reading it; it's just easier to understand a play after seeing it in visual form.
  7. I wish you luck in your journey; these things definitely take time. Just know that there's no rush and God is always ready to help you at all times.
  8. Hope

    Just thought I would share this

    That made me really happy
  9. Hope

    For my mother

    My mother has had Multiple Sclerosis since I was five and she was 45. It's a neurological ailment that makes it difficult for her to do things involving movement. She can't run; she can barely walk. If any of you could ever pray for her, I think she would really appreciate it despite her not being religious. I'm trying to not feel resentment toward her for never being a normal mom and doing normal mom things. I have no right to blame her for something like this, so I'm working hard on ridding my heart of this seed of hatred I seem to have. If any of you could pray for me to help myself be a better person, thank you so so much.
  10. Hope

    Name your top favorite song(s)

    I'm the kind of person that listens to their favorite song twenty times in a row every day for a week before getting sick of it and moving on to a new favorite. Somes favorites have included: Canticle of the Sun The Big Ship- Brian Eno The Parting Glass- Celtic Woman's rendition Quanta Qualia- Hayley Westenra Luna- Brunuhville Nothing Left to Say- Imagine Dragons Bel Air- Lana Del Rey The Lady of Shalott- Loreena McKennitt The State of Dreaming- Marina and the Diamonds Ave Maria- Michel Cusson version from a movie called Aurore Blindness- Metric Ophelia- Natalie Merchant My Skin- Natalie Merchant My Heart is Broken- Evanescence O Habibi- Yasmeen Olya Peter- Daughter Every song by Radical Face Ghost of You- My Chemical Romance River Flows in You- Yiruma Anything Debussey, Chopin, Mozart
  11. Hope

    Should same sex marriage be legal?

    But does it not exist within the morals of some or within legal definitions? This is the question that is addressed when governments are discussing primarily emotionally fueled topics that are prevalent in society, such as same-sex marriage and abortion. And it seems very few governments have reached a consensus on the topic of said question. Are ontological bounds relevant in this matter? Some see marriage as no more than what a civil union is, and if this were considered so then would the question of ontological bounds be a question anymore? And if ontological bounds are still relevant in the matter, would they be even close to the bounds of what they were previously thought to be? I'm not sure, and neither is the government. Should the meaning of marriage be the dictionary's literal definition, or the connotation it has in today's society? Because those are two very different things. This is yet another question that few people are able to agree on. I cannot answer these questions, and even if I could, we need to have a majority decision on the topic before and laws can be changed. In some places, the majority has been discovered, and yet in other places there are no majorities.
  12. I've sort of grown up being a princess for Halloween every year, and skipping through the small little town that I've always lived in. My parents always trailed behind me, and I always had friends with me. My town has a population of about 2,000 and I've never felt unsafe. Really, I guess it just depends on the community you live in. The only people I've ever disliked when trick or treating are those people that give out healthy snacks instead of candy (A five year old doesn't want a pack of baby carrots, I'm sorry.) I can understand your apprehension, but I am personally fine with going to every neighborhood in my town because I've just always felt safe. Perhaps it is naive of me, but it's just always been like that.
  13. Hope

    Should same sex marriage be legal?

    It seems whether or not it is a possible entity is more of a moral and philosophical issue, then.
  14. Hope

    Police Officers

    I understand why sometimes you need to identify your race in various legal documents, the census, etc. In most cases the question is asked to gather demographic data and the works. There will always be both good and bad people in every walk of life, every gender, race, and age. And all lives do matter, regardless of one's moral behavior. Still, I understand why the trend of saying Black Lives Matter (as opposed to All Lives Matter) is so commonplace in the media now. And I understand why people get upset when one replies to #BlackLivesMatter with #AllLivesMatter. It's because everyone knows that all life matters, no matter the color of your skin. But people simply want to put a spotlight on the lives of black people because they have been quite oppressed for a long time. This is fine, this is understandable. I hope we never stop praying for the lives of everyone, including every single police officer. But at the moment, those who are white like I am should honor the black people who have been struggling for so long to get recognition and are finally starting to get it. To honor them, we should, for a time, let their voices be heard clearly. It can be upsetting to never see anyone publicly discussing the importance of a police officer's life, but I think that for the time being we just need to let the black people speak about the things they face. So, yeah. I completely rambled and I apologize. This post is most likely not coherant, but I was unable to find a better way to express my words. Also, I promise I'm not implying that you do not respect black people, because I know you do. I'm not arguing with you either, I'm just sort of thinking out loud. It's probably best to just ignore me, actually.
  15. Hot Octopus Proselytized Eggs Thank you so much!