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  1. inky110

    Getting a Job

    Hey, so I've been thinking about getting a part-time job, but I'm pretty nervous about it. I had a job before for 1 month, but it was terrible. My co-workers decided to push their job responsibilities on me and so I'd get in trouble for not doing my own job fast enough. And eventually my brother (who got me the job) and my brother started to apparently tell lies about me saying that all I do is goof around with other people. I didn't even have any support from my family in any of this. So, yeah, it just makes me nervous about getting another job. I know eventually I have to but you know. Pray that I can get over this? I'm not asking for an easy job, just something tolerable I guess. Any tips you guys may have will be well appreciated.
  2. inky110

    Parents are divorcing

    Definitely you'll be in my prayers. Stay positive in God
  3. I was actually born early. My original birthday would have been Halloween but now it's 10/27. Anyway, I don't even trust my siblings to grab me a cup of water. I'll take candy from strangers, but check if it was tampered with. I guess concerning that just be sure to look over all your candy. And know your neighborhood.
  4. Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. - Michael Jordan I really really like this quote. It helps me look on the positive aspect in my sin. And by that I mean, our sin doesn't have to stop us. And I know that some people may be facing their sins from year 14 to year 78. But definitely don't give up even if you lose a lot of the battles. In playing a game, people may say "Best 2 out of 3", and sin is the exact same way except it is more like best 50,845 out of 52,000. New battles are made daily, and we sin daily. There's going to be a lot of losses. Just remember to not ignore the sin. Figure out how to overcome it, given the main ingredient is God.
  5. inky110


    Hey! I am super happy right now. I've been going through a massive rough patch lately. Every time I move closer to God the devil always comes back and bites me. Recently I have really spiritually fallen roughly, as if the gravity was increased 10,000 fold. I committed sexual immorality, I'm guilty of lust, I'm guilty of adultery, I'm guilty of idolatry, I'm guilty of a lying tongue, I'm just guilty. I had the strength to fight I think but I gave in. I know I'm accountable for it. I hope God has mercy on me, and helps me to overcome all these things next time they come because surely they will return. I am happy, but also partially angry because I keep falling for all these tricks, the same tricks over and over. I'm tired of falling for it. I want it to stop. And the only reason I'm happy is because I'm sharing my sin with all of you guys. Because I trust that you guys will pray for me and I know that God will help me. I don't like this lifestyle. I'm ready to stop. And I don't mean giving a particular sin a concussion. I mean actually killing the sin completely. No more lust. No more lies. I want to be the man of God that I am. Choosing God wasn't a fluke, and I know that He is still with me. But I don't want to move close to God and then have the devil trip me up for weeks at a time. I don't want to play that game anymore. I don't like playing it, and God doesn't like watching it. I want to see my struggles from miles away and fight it before it reaches me. And I want to see people in need and help them. I just want to be rid of my sin, especially the ones that I named because they have been haunting me for a long time. I keep thinking I've stopped but I sprouts up again. But right now, I want it to be the time where God smiles at the dead sin in my life.
  6. inky110

    Verse That Explains Everything

    I agree, thanks for sharing that verse
  7. inky110

    Evangelism Tips? Methods?

    My main problem is that I don't want to just sound like some door-to-door salesman. Thanks though. My uncle told me something pretty similar to that too. I guess I'll try that out.
  8. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. But as the title says, what are some tips or methods that can be used for sharing the gospel with others?
  9. inky110

    A Letter From Hell

    Definitely impactful.
  10. inky110

    Do you go to hell if you're not baptized?

    There were 2 others by Jesus when He was dying on the cross. Both of them died of course. However, 1 of them had realized that God is no joke; He's real. Jesus told him that he would be with Him in paradise and of course he hadn't been baptized as he 1) just learned of God and 2) was in the process of dying. But is baptism necessary? My pastor said it's not for salvation, it's for obedience. I guess it's like how doing good deeds isn't for salvation it's for obedience.
  11. inky110

    GED test u g h

    Just study and don't worry about it. My English teacher said it was difficult but honestly throughout my entire life in high school, teachers always exaggerated things. I later found it to be easier than expected. So far in not one case did what they said live up to how it supposedly was going to be.
  12. inky110

    What's your favorite subject?

    My favorite subject issss art, math and Japanese (if I get a new Japanese teacher). As for my dream job, I'd like to teach English abroad or be an animator while being a youth pastor. Definitely youth pastor though.
  13. inky110

    What on earth do I do?

    I agree with Mu_. Primarily focus on your school work. For making friends, I think just speak up in class, join clubs and just really don't sweat it too much. I quit my first job because I wanted to focus on school, but that was but one of many terrible reasons If you want to keep a job then I guess you have 2 options: 1. Convince your boss to let you work less hours 2. Find a new job that works around your college schedule
  14. inky110

    Gap Year/Trying To Decide What To Do Next

    As others said, it's cool to take a gap year. The only reason I didn't take it really was because I'm ready to get college out the way. But your situation is different of course. One year definitely won't hurt though.
  15. inky110

    Textbooks to rent or buy

    I just got my textbooks from Amazon, because at the college bookstore it was $260. I think if you know you'll only be using it for semester you should just rent it.