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    Practiced in the art of merchandising fatback in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Spent several years managing bassoons in Tampa, FL. Spent college summers short selling fatback in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Practiced in the art of importing tattoos in the UK. Earned praised for my work getting my feet wet with chess sets worldwide. Spent 2002-2007 selling rubik's cubes in Naples, FL.
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  1. StellahB1

    Help me for new party

    I want paint my nails for upcoming party i just confused and i wanna know how i should makeover my nail ?
  2. StellahB1

    I had sex...

    Really true and heart touching line....... I agree with you
  3. StellahB1

    The New Weight Loss Buddy Thread :)

    Paraskave i think you miss the point which is related to green tea...... i'm sure green tea is one of the biggest weapon for control your weight.
  4. StellahB1

    What Makes You Smile?

    Sleeping, going on a beach with my friends makes me happy and most important always ready to participate in summer nail art challenges because i love makeup.......
  5. Hello, and welcome to Christian Teen Forums, StellahB1! Hope you enjoy it here. :-)

    1. StellahB1


      Thank Shasta Daidy.....

  6. StellahB1

    The New Weight Loss Buddy Thread :)

    I always use natural ways like dieting and daily exercise and etc...... it takes time but much effective for me