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  1. SeekingHim

    Your Translation?

    I have a King James Bible but I don't really get along with it - however, it's less for the difficult English and more for the fact it's a pocket Bible. It's pretty difficult for my eyes to focus on the print (the book is about the size of my hand) so I've put off reading the Bible for a really long time because of that. And yes, I know I need to get a full size Bible. For the new Bible I'm going to buy, however, I'm still debating between versions. The KJV holds bad memories for me simply because studying out of that tiny book was so difficult and the language didn't make it any easier. However, I used to work in a hotel, and I really got back into Bible study after having flicked through the Bibles that they leave in the hotel rooms (which I think are the New International Version, but I might be wrong?) So I might opt for one of those, but I'm worried about the meaning or interpretation getting confused. I'm not really sure which one I should buy to be honest.
  2. Yesterday I went into this Christian bookshop / gift place which has some amazing Christian themed stuff. I never used to go in there before I became a Christian, but now I think it's become my new favourite place. :)

  3. Your profile is very pretty. :)

    1. SeekingHim


      Inspired by yours. :) Thank you though!

    2. Delores Stariana

      Delores Stariana

      Thanks, I'm glad you liked mine. :)

  4. SeekingHim


    I very rarely wear makeup because I often feel like I'm sending out the wrong signals. When I do wear makeup, I wear a bit of eye makeup but never very much. My skin's pretty good so I don't feel the need for foundation (and I don't like the way it looks when people overdo it) and I never wear dark lipstick because when I do, I think people judge me as being something I'm not.
  5. SeekingHim

    Anyone on right NOW?

    I'm the only person online right now. I have nobody to talk to. Maybe I'll come back when the rest of the world wakes up...
  6. SeekingHim

    Is it ever the victims fault?

    I would say not. Assault etc. is the fault of the perpetrator, not the victim. We should be able to walk wherever we want without fear that somebody's going to single us out because of what we look like or how we're dressed. That said, it's probably unwise to deliberately choose a route that potentially places you in harm's way. However, victim-blaming by both society and courts of law is what allows such crime to go unchecked and people to be afraid of reporting their experiences. We should never blame the victim over the perpetrator.
  7. SeekingHim

    [GIRLS ONLY] Do you *always* think about sex? poll

    Do You *Always* Think About Sex? 1. Yes, quite a bit. 2. No, not really 3. Yes, but not too much. 4. No, rarely do i think about sex. 5. Eh, it depends. 7. Yes, And It Really Bothers Me. 8. Yes, and I'm perfectly Fine With It 9. Other Do You *Always Think About Guys In A Sexual Manner? 1. Yes, I do. I struggle quite a bit. 2. Yeah, I do, but i really try not to. 3. No, Not always, though I struggle at times. 4. No, Not really. I'm pretty disciplined with my thoughts. 5. No, I have no problems with this. 6. Yes, I do, And I don't See Anything Wrong With It. 7. Other Is Thinking About Sex Subconscious? 1. No, it's not. I have to make an effort to think about it. 2. No, it's not. But it's not hard to think about something sexual. 3. Yes, it is. I don't even realize I'm doing it most of the time. 4. Yes, it is. I am aware I think of it quite a bit, but it's nothing that bothers me. 5. Other Is It Better To Watch Porn Than Go and Cheat On Your Boyfriend/Fiance/Husband? 1. Yes. As long as it isn't physical, it's fine. 2. Yes, as long as it doesn't effect our relationship. 3. No, it's just as bad or worse. 4. No, it's the same thing as cheating. 5. Other
  8. SeekingHim

    Non-Christian Boyfriend

    If you don't know for certain whether he is a Christian or not, why don't you try talking to him about it? I personally wouldn't automatically dismiss anyone if they weren't Christians, although I would ideally prefer a Christian boyfriend because hopefully they would respect my morals and then our difference in beliefs wouldn't be a problem. You could either keep him as a friend and never go any further, or you could look at him as a potential boyfriend. I don't know what your views on dating are, but I'm guessing you're not looking at marriage just yet! Relationships can really change a person's views on life, so you could even use this opportunity to try and bring him to the faith. I would suggest you try and find that Bible verse though, since you don't seem too sure of exactly what it says. It's possible it doesn't mean exactly what you think it does. Best of luck!
  9. I'm so glad to be a member of this forum. Thank you to all who welcomed me here!

    1. Delores Stariana

      Delores Stariana

      We're glad to have you here!

    2. Shasta Daisy

      Shasta Daisy

      You're welcome. And to repeat Delores, glad to have you here. :-)

    3. paraskeve
  10. SeekingHim

    What's Your Favorite Hymn?

    Not having been brought up in a Christian home I don't really know very many hymns, but the ones that I have heard sound lovely. For me, my favourite would have to be "Lord of the Dance." I have it on my music player and I listen to it on the way to school every day.
  11. SeekingHim

    Happy Halloween!! :D

    I haven't decided yet, but I have quite an old-fashioned dress which I thought I might use as part of my costume. Perhaps I'll be a zombie or something?
  12. SeekingHim

    Happy Halloween!! :D

    Is anybody doing anything special for Halloween? My friends want to do some pumpkin carving, which sounds quite fun.
  13. SeekingHim

    New to this forum and new to the faith!

    Thank you very much for the welcome!
  14. Hello, I am SeekingHim (not completely sure about that username but I suppose it fits me fairly well) but feel free to call me Anne or Annie. I have felt able to call myself a Christian for around six months now but at home I feel very alone because my family doesn't like religion and none of my friends are religious. I am seventeen years old, currently trying to find my feet - I haven't really worked out what denomination I am or exactly how I see the Bible or anything like that. Hopefully that'll come with time. I'm excited to be part of a Christian community, and I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all!