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  1. Dysfunctional Christian

    What book are you reading now?

    I am reading a new book after my namesake, Dysfunctional Christian. Its about a boy who hated God after years of abuse because he could not understand why he allowed it. After years of drug use and making many serious mistakes he found out life is a lot better being a Christion, even if you are dysfunctional. He ends up being a good example and helps a lot of people who struggle with the same issue. I have meant a lot of people who feel God is absent in their lives and I recommend this book to them. It is very intense at times and very honest.
  2. Dysfunctional Christian

    Happy Halloween!! :D

    I live in a great neighborhood in So. Cal where we have 20-30 people come over and sit in our driveway and pass out around 1000 pieces of candy. A neighbor down the street has a haunted house in his front yard and another has real movie props from The Pirates of the Carribean. Our streets look like Knotts Berry Farms and we have all races, religion and people who get along great. I love where I live.
  3. Dysfunctional Christian

    Religious Freedom

    Christians have been silently prosecuted in recent years by special interest groups who have a huge influence on society. The entertainment industry has influenced what we watch and except for years. In cities all over the U.S. it is allowed to teach buddism, Muslem, but you cannot teach Christianity in the classroom. My daughter is assigned a book about Buddism right now to right a report. I am a volunteer at school and am told I can't share my beliefs on campus. So what do you do. You invite people to our homes and have prayer at dinner, have pictures of Christ on the wall and be a good example of a happy family. The problem is too many Christian get angry and it turns into an argument we usually don't win. Christ had patience for all people races and religions. He blessed those who asked for help and healed anyone who needed to be healed. We, Christians can still have an influence as long as we are positive and are following the spirit of kindness, not contention.
  4. Dysfunctional Christian

    I cheated on my Christian boyfriend...

    I am a parole agent and ex-substance abuse counselor in a youth prison. I agree with all those who say you should be focused on being sober. Unfortunately,a lot of addicts are hyper-sexual and feel the void with sex. God will never give up on you as long as you are doing your best. He knows if you're going through the motions. I am a recovering addict myself and have to stay out of unhealthy relationships. You can be filled with love without being intimate. I have seen many people including myself relapse over and over again and seen the reckage it can cause. Just fosuc on you, get in a program or a regular routine of daily meetings and calling people who are willing to help. I promise God will not give up on you. God bless and keep trying.
  5. Dysfunctional Christian

    Self-pleasure = cheating?

    I am a retired parole agent and have a lot of experience working with men who get caught up in porn. There have been studies that show that it is as addictive as heroin and stimulates the same part of the brain. I have seen many lives ruined by viewing porn too much. It gives an unrealistic view of especially women and has affected how a man views his wife or girlfriend. Unfortunately, many men and women view porn and most are not addicts, but it does skew the real from the fantasy. Remember you are responsibly for your thoughts.
  6. Dysfunctional Christian

    Has God abandoned me?

    I have felt this many times. I come from a very dysfunctional home of alcohol and abuse. God or Christ were only mentioned sarcastically by my parents. I hated God for a long time because he allowed the abuse to continue, but I found out that life is better with Him, then without him. I read scriptures everyday and pray and try to serve others as much as possible. When I do these thing consistantly, I seem to feel God's presence more. I still go through days tempted to do things that are not perfect, but at least I am trying to be better every day. As I look back a few years, I see I am doing a lot more good things than bad. So keep on staying in contact with God and you'll notice a difference as you look back. God blesses you for trying.