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  1. In fairness, 30 is a tad bit aged.
  2. You can't be serious.
  3. Hi! You may want to try the Catholic Answers Forum instead; seeing as CTF is a barren, lifeless wasteland. Kinda unfortunate really; esp. since we used to have a robust little contingent of Catholics here, but c'est la vie.
  4. "I don't know if anyone here has even heard about MCR." We're Christians, not desert nomads.
  5. Yoohoo.

    It's me again!

  6. For any reason? No. For religious reasons? Yes.
  7. I think something as simple as haircuts can, in fact, be solely about personal preference.
  8. I would wait until I was out of Pakistan, if I were you.
  9. Did you really register here just to post a thinly-veiled account of foot fetishism?
  10. No. But thanks for playing.
  11. This place is dead, Wesker. Fly away little bird, fly away.

    1. Wesker


      If you are still here, why can't I pop in every so often?

  12. Except Stressed Out.
  13. I'm hungry. Happy Yom Kippur everyone!

  14. ...and? Good for her, then.
  15. G-d forbid we have universal healthcare and free trade...