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    Is this normal or weird?

    What do you mean giggles are real?
  2. Rebecca2002

    Is this normal or weird?

    Ya she was, cuz her eyes were closed the whole time. And after she woke up I asked her if she was dreaming, she said ya she was dreaming that she's a ballet dancer. But I think she started dreaming because I kept pushing her toes around, but I didn't tell her becuase I don't know if it's weird or not.
  3. So me and my friend are in the 8th grade. We hang out a lot and she likes to put her feet on my lap, I think they're cute cuz she has long toes and always keeps them pedicured. Anyways so here's what happened, we were hanging out in my room watching a movie and I left for a few minutes to do some stuff. When I got back she was asleep in a funny way. Like she was asleep on the bed but her feet were sticking out on top of the TV stand (which is next to the bed). And she kicked off her socks in her sleep cuz her socks were on the TV stand too =P Anyways so I started watching the movie again, but I got distracted cuz her feet were in front of the TV and her toes kept wiggling a lot, so I started playing around with them. For example I pushed her toes back and forth, and they would start wiggling by themselves =P. Then I would hold them still to make them stop wiggling. Sometimes I did that when a song was playing on TV and her toes would start wiggling to the beat of the song =P. So then I played some songs on my phone and pushed her toes around to make them wiggle to the beat. I think she was dreaming about dancing the whole time, cuz I kept pushing her toes around =P. Like sometimes her toes would start wiggling in a rhythm by themselves for a really long time. But there's no music playing so she must be dreaming about the music =P. And her toes follow voice commands too, like if I whisper "twinkle toes" then her toes would start wiggling. If I say "ballet toes" then her toes would flex and make a point like a ballerina =P Anyways is it normal that I was amused and liked playing around with her feet? I don't think I'm a weirdo cuz I'm nice, social, and people like me Thanks!