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  1. usernameplzwork

    i think my mother has an evil spirit inside of her

    And I did get our boggels, but I came back because I missed home and thought things would be diffent.
  2. usernameplzwork

    i think my mother has an evil spirit inside of her

    Yeah I don't think its stress, she's not going to church, nor is she reading her bible. But then again maybe not, I'm worried there's something wrong with me to have her treat me like this. But no one around me senses the evil in her other than me, even some people who are really close with god are fine with the way she's acting. I'm just really hurt right now, I feel so rejected... I just want my mom back
  3. usernameplzwork


    I put make up on in the morning and wipe off my face with a baby wipe at night, but I don't wash with soap and water unless I'm in the shower
  4. usernameplzwork

    16 and Never Been Kissed

    Wow all you guys are so good and pure... I wish I could be like you guys. I'm only seventeen and I've lost track of how many people I've kissed... I really wish I would have waited. I'm not a virgin either, I've slept with nine people. I try really hard to stay pure for god and stuff, but some times it just gets really hard because I've done it all before and I know what its like and I want it more. I would love to meet a guy who wanted out first kiss to be on our wedding day honestly, because if we haven't even kissed yet there's like no temptation. I really just want to have a super pure relationship where we're both so in love with each other and Jesus. I wish I had stayed pure and I wish i had stayed a virgin. I'm really worried that the no really good and pure Christian guy will ever want me because of everything I've done...
  5. I cant wait to some day have a family of my own...

  6. usernameplzwork

    Picture Post

    Here's me trying to be cute but really just looking like a dweeb
  7. usernameplzwork

    i think my mother has an evil spirit inside of her

    Thanks dude, just like, what would I pray though, I don't know what I would pray
  8. usernameplzwork

    Metrosexual boyfriends

    Oh my goodness I would vomit
  9. usernameplzwork

    love waits ring question?

    Girl amen to that. I've slept with many people, boys and girls, and when I came back to Christ my mother gave me a purity ring. A really nice platinum pink diamond one actually. But I am pure in Jesus's name my sins are washed away! The past is the past ya know? Don't let anyone tell you you can't be pure, you can have a pure soul without being a virgin
  10. its so diffucult to trust and worship god in times of trouble, when things are good its easy to praise, but its hard when things are bad, idk how much longer i can put up with this X_X

    1. paraskeve


      Then you should leave; being a christian does not mean that you stay and let yourself be abused; call CPS, call someone to help/shelter you. Don't let her abuse you, she has no right whatsoever to do so.

  11. usernameplzwork

    i think my mother has an evil spirit inside of her

    Thanks you guys, I just feel so unsafe, physically and mentally, please pray for me to have strength to not do anything stupid before I get out or she gets delivered
  12. usernameplzwork


    I take birth control and its the best thing that ever happened to me, I used to have the worst acne ever and when I started on the pill it all went away with in two months and now I don't have have to awash my face any more
  13. Idk. My mom is Christian, but I think she has some sort of evil spirit in her hear right now. She used to be the most loving woman ever, so kind hearted, loved my little siblings, was so much fun to be around, she was my best friend. But all the sudden she got really awful. Idk what happened. She told me I couldn't go to youth group or church anymore, and took away my guitars, yelled at me constantly. I had to drop out so I could get away from her because she started becoming abusive. I lived with a Christian friends parent, they were super great. But I was coming home to visit for thanks giving and I said I might want to cone home. She told me to bring all my stuff over, so I did and she's just been awful the whole time. I've only gone out twice in the week I've been here, she's yelled at me all week, she called child services on me. They came today and she told them what an awful kid I was. Sje told her I didn't have any friends, none of the people at my youth group really liked me, I only had one friend, she told her I needed to be sent away to a hospital until I turn 18. Or go live with my dad in the middle of no where because she apperanly can't deal with me. I've done nothing but hide in my room all week. And she keeps calling friends and family members and telling them how awful I've been, when I haven't done anything. Idk what to do, my church is here, all the people I love so much. The people I hold dear to my hear, I need to be here, there's nothing for me where my dad lives. I'm trying to go back to school so that I can get out of the house. She has to have some evil spirit in her because this is not my mother in living with. Idk who it is. I feel so alone. Please pray for her to be deliverd