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    I am a swedish girl looking for christian friends all over The World.
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    Tv-shows, reading, friends, Our Saviour
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  1. I just wanted to share my opinion in how I see this. But you are possible right, and I wrong. But I wont say I think transpeople are mistakes or living with a disorder.God loves all of us, and he wants us to be good to our brothers and sisters. But this is just my opinion, as I said.
  2. I think God put a soul in the wrong body on purpose just because he knew that this soul would be strong. He knew It could go through the sex changing and The journey to become The person God wants him/her to be.
  3. Hi I really need help with this thing I am going through ATM. But first I will need to explain some things. I live in Sweden and christianity is not really taken as serious here as it is in USA (or other countries). Some people are really strong belivers and some make their own version of The Bibel. The swedish church (which is The church I belong to) is very open and ok about homosexual relationships, intimacy and so on. Some think its wrong and some think its right. I have allways belived in God, because for me it feels right in my heart. The thing is that I went through a depression and by that time I kind of stopped caring about The christian way. I began drinking alcohol, partying and be with Boys. Today I am back to being a true christian, and I know our Lord has forgiven me (some will not think it's ok and I will not fight you, we all have read Gods words with different eyes). But recently I met a boy, Who respects me and my relationship with God and Jesus, But I am so afraid to get lost again. Should I stay away from dating or just pray that I will not lose myself in this boy? I love God more than anything, but I also want to find love and happieness in another human. Sorry 4 The really bad english, I am not good at english grammar and spelling. :c But I hope some kind hearted soul can help me.