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  1. Beanerreader30


    Heheh:) That's is very helpful I must admit!
  2. Beanerreader30

    Who is homeschooled?

    I am homeschooled as well! It's pretty awesome:) Tho I'm surprisingly still wicked busy, I don't believe that is normal:)
  3. Beanerreader30

    Winter Book Challenge

    I would like to try:) I think I will read: 1- the phantom of the opera by gaston leroux 2- do hard things by Brett and Alex Harris 3- where the red fern grows 4- 20,000 leagues All these should qualify
  4. Beanerreader30

    Non-Christian Boyfriend

    My sister is in a relationship with a non Christian guy even tho she is a Christian. I'm kinda confused if I should confront her about it or what. I mean I really think this guy is dragging her down but I'm scared that she's going to think that it's none of my business. Even tho she's trying to drag me down too. But I don't think that relationships with non Christians would work out so well.
  5. Beanerreader30

    Favourite fictional character?

    I love the phantom of the opera as portrayed by Gerard butler! It's such a mysterious and intriguing character! And Sherlock as portrayed by Benedict cumberbatch is also marvelous!
  6. Beanerreader30

    Decribe The Person Above You In One Word

  7. Beanerreader30

    Homeschool "Roll Call"!

    I'm homeschooled as well:) I love it! But the world can still be harsh and people don't always understand. And I don't have many friends that are homeschooled, so I don't know if I'm a normal homeschooler or not:) I'm pretty sure that's weird hehe:D