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    17 years old
    I have Asperger's syndrome but I do my best regarding communication ^_^

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  1. It's been nearly three months since I posted this, so I thought I should update you! My tics have gotten way worse, but ironically I feel better about them now than ever before! Last year I felt terribly embarrassed about minor tics in my face, that weren't very noticeable. Now I have more vocal ones and lots involving my shoulders and arms (impossible to hide), but I feel fine really. Thank you all for the prayers!
  2. I'm also sorry to hear that. I'm sure he appreciated that you were his friend!
  3. Thank you both!
  4. I have someone that's very close to me, who has severe mental problems, is very irresponsible, and is barely able to take care of her own home because of stress. Now they and their partner are expecting a baby around New Years, and I have no idea how it's going to work out. Neither of them have steady jobs, they live in a messy area of town, and like I said before they can barely take care of their place, so how are they supposed to do all that plus take care of a baby at the same time? Sleepless nights and stress gives the mother psychoses, and having a baby would without a doubt put her in such a state. I don't know how to help them. They simply do not realize the responsibility. It's such a chaotic situation and it's so overwhelming. Please pray with me that it works out somehow. I don't have a set opinion on abortion really, but I feel that it would solve the situation in the best way, even though it's not a good solution. Please pray.
  5. Agreed. Also, Western countries are more likely to relate to other Western countries with similar cultures, than with countries not geographically or culturally close.
  6. I'm very sorry to hear that.
  7. 1. Episcopal/Anglican Church (100%) 2. Evangelical Lutheran Church (100%) 3. Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (84%) 4. Methodist/Wesleyan Church (75%) 5. Eastern Orthodox Church (68%) 6. Liberal Quakerism (67%) 7. Seventh-Day Adventist (59%) 8. Church of Christ (58%) 9. Mennonite Brethren (58%) 10. Assemblies of God (50%) 11. Roman Catholic Church (50%) 12. International Church of Christ (49%) 13. Presbyterian Church USA (49%) 14. Free Will Baptist (42%) 15. Orthodox Quakerism (42%) 16. United Pentecostal Church (42%) 17. Presbyterian Church in America/Orthodox Presbyterian Church (33%) 18. Reformed Churches (33%) 19. Southern Baptist (33%) 20. Unity Church (27%) 21. Unitarian Universalism (25%) 22. Reformed Baptist (24%) 23. Jehovah's Witness (8%) 24. Mormonism (0%)
  8. Hi

  9. I'm praying for you as well!
  10. It's going quite well really; I still have a lot of tics but I've gotten diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome, and I'm scheduled to get regular therapy for it.
  11. Awesome! Must be cool to live close to the Vatican State
  12. Don't give up, there's always a possibility that he will be found.
  13. I watched a documentary today that was presented by the BBC's Stacey Dooley. It was about the only prison boot camp for women in the US, called "Shock". It was then compared to a regular women's prison on Manhattan, NYC. The documentary follows a few women at the two institutions, and shows their background and what they are hoping for in the future. It shows the softer side of these criminals, which is often forgotten about. It's a quite touching documentary, and actually made me tear up a few times. It can be watched here: