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    I'm rose, 19.
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
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    Crochet, music, writing, healing myself using therapy.
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    Rose (froggy)

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  1. Please pray for my friend who is in the hospital in deep dka with type one diabetes complications. She is also dealing with a pretty hard home life and some mental illness. Please pray for healing and that doctors find a cure for this disease that affects both of us.
  2. Y'all. I'm back from the pits of despair. 

    1. FOX545


      No good, will pray

  3. I'm pretty sure that's explicitly stated as wrong in other parts of the Bible.
  4. I don't think I can like this post on mobile, but wowee you're on fire right now
  5. If you're wearing them for comfort and nobody will see them, then no.
  6. I may plan my wedding using one. I've already started, my SO and I have talked about it and she (yes, SHE, don't be alarmed!) said she would wear a dress so I can wear more ~comfortable~ pants and a dress shirt or possibly a vest over a long sleeved dress shirt. But with my constantly fluctuating weight, I don't think I can get a good outfit now.
  7. I'll keep you in my prayers ❤
  8. I love anime. It's never deterred me from my faith.
  9. So I'm super sensitive to sound, and everybody in my class is so loud and rude and disrespectful (they're constantly talking and yelling over each other when the teacher is trying to teach) I've brought it up with the principal and she helps me deal with my anger, but I'd like to actually change the situation. Any ideas?
  10. What about those like myself, who need contraception for medical purposes, i.e., I have premenstrual dysphoric disorder, where I literally go absolutely crazy during my time, and my blood sugars get dangerously high. What about us?
  11. Yo hello, autistic here, I find being autistic helps me learn history because it's kind of a special interest.
  12. Last night was hard for me. I don't really want to get into specifics, but I was in the hospital. Please pray for me, that I will have the courage to change the things I can.
  13. Ok so here's a practice in nonjudgmentalism, which is a big part of dbt therapy, something I'm working on. The rules are state your opinion on medical marijuana without judging the person before you. I'll start. (Note: just medical use, not recreational use) I believe it would be beneficial to those with terminal and mental illnesses, as well as seizures and other illnesses, because of its calming effect. I believe it should be legal for medical use because it would help a lot of people. I understand not everyone approves, and that is okay.
  14. I guess I'm very liberal on the topic of different religions, but Islam does not create terrorists. In many ways, they're just like us. Yes, there are some extremists, but aren't there Christian extremists as well? I mean, Malala Yousafzai is my hero.
  15. I wouldnt say its bad per se, but in my opinion you should reach out more. To develop that deeper cpnnection with Christ.