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  1. White

    Charles Manson

    How you consider that human demon? A lot of people define he better than Trump 'cause his dystopian philosopy (as all) about A,T,W,A ,,,
  2. Few Christian in this forum...

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    2. White


      Nope, it's just the end of all hope.

    3. Buoyancy


      ^You are so positive. Yay you! Nothing but rainbows and sunshine.

    4. Cato


      Oh look, another "I'm better than all of you" post from White. Whatever dude.

  3. White

    Gay Marraige

    I know
  4. White

    Gay Marraige

    Insane, ill and disgusting.
  5. I know, it's strange that request, but I search a mate to improve my english since soon I've going to live in America to search job...
  6. If real christians,intervene against those who want them dead, even the isis and u.a.a.r could stop them.

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    2. White


      Historically, but that empire isn't confined to this planet

    3. PlasmaHam


      Nevertheless, in the face on ruthless persecution, Christianity has always come through.

    4. White


      Mao, stalin, hitler, manson, gacy were atheist , in fact, they are... very...very... bad.

  7. White


    There is a problem, tell me just what do you do in that case?
  8. White


    I mean in that the wave line
  9. White


    Guys.. I mean "Biblical" Apocalypse .
  10. Okay, this isn't the right topic, but it's more a talking about, so... What will you do when the apocalypse will begin? What will your thoughts?
  11. White


    Are you a boy or a girl? - Oak cit.
  12. But there is a problem, I don't hear native's words.. "I don't have listening ability for now"
  13. I really need to learn English, then, since you are all Americans, you can explain to me what I have to learn to be able to argue well with a native?
  14. White

    Young christian band?

    What are the Christian band with younger singers?
  15. Urbandictionary.com reliable is it?