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    Hello there! Names Michelle but everyone calls me Michi. I am 18 years old and I am a Pentecostal Christian. I love to sing and i love to draw. It is one of the two talents that God gave me.
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    basketball, drawing, singing and helping people with their problems, star wars, walking dead, harry potter,
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    drawing, singing and playing basketball
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  1. Banned because i want to say good luck!
  2. nope in the last 24 hours have you played with someones pet?
  3. Banned because i hate people like that. Been stood up many times.
  4. Banned bc i don't know why i am banning you.
  5. It's FINALLY SPRING! :flapper:

  6. Next year I'll be a senior! can't wait to get out of school tbh
  7. I speak my mind a lot. Sorry if i offended any of you. I am still learning hehe :flapper:

  8. With or without the veal, God still uses women. I understand that in some countries/religion does this but in that case you can't just say that it's just disgraceful for women to not cover their heads. It just plain dumb.
  9. *screams* CONGRADULATION!
  10. HI! WELCOME TO CTF! My name is Michi and no this cite is rarley active. I mean there are some people that are mostly here though.
  11. Banned bc this week went by so fast AND TODAY IS FRIDAY!
  12. For my hair i have to use a blow dryer before i use a flat iron. my hair is a mixer of silky and poofy.
  13. Thank you! yeah i try to straight out my hair once but it comes out wrong. so i stick with my hair being curly.