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    Hello there! Names Michelle but everyone calls me Michi. I am 18 years old and I am a Pentecostal Christian. I love to sing and i love to draw. It is one of the two talents that God gave me.
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    basketball, drawing, singing and helping people with their problems, star wars, walking dead, harry potter,
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    drawing, singing and playing basketball
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  1. *sighs* I really don't care anymore. When ever I post something on here I tend to get ignored as always. I take that as a sign that I don't belong here and I should get off. :D:cursing::crying::flapper::thumbsup:

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    2. Chris-M


      Be directly aggressive instead ^_^


    3. MandySCOtt


      haha then i shoulda been out here a long time ago

      Hey i posted something too, my very first post and I only get like 1 reply and that 1 reply really did help me. no need to worry or feel ignored. :thumbsup:

    4. She-geek


      It's true. It's nothing against you, it's just that no-one is really posting or replying much in general.