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  1. I am a Pentecostal Christian and i ask my self this question all the time is that why is it bad for girls to wear pants? i wear skirts all the time and sometimes i get sick of wearing it. When it comes to winter i have to wear leggings underneath the skirt. I just want to know why girls can´t wear pants in my domination.
  2. Michi

    Opinions on drinking?

    All Pentecostals believe that drinking is bad. We go what the word say. also we live in holyness lives. we have to be holy inside and out. We can cantiminate with wordly things. Drinking is one of them, the way people dress in the world, we shouldn't dress like them. We have to be different from the world. People in the world drink, so why would a Christian drink. People in the world would be confuse bc how would a christian be drinking and they're in church? We have to be seperated from the world.
  3. Michi

    Opinions on drinking?

    I stand by of what I believe if drinking is bad in my opinion then it's wrong. I am a pentecostal Christian and we believe that drinking is bad. But I am not judging if you guys are doing it. If you guys want to do it then go ahead and do it but I am just stating my point of view.
  4. Michi

    Opinions on drinking?

    But if you are Christian then you shouldn't be drinking wine. Thats what people in the world do. In the bible says whover love the stuff from the world, the love of the father is not in him. I think that you guys preach the word out of context.
  5. Michi

    Lost everyone around me

    All you need is God. Just pray fro them, you'll see what God will do.
  6. Michi

    Opinions on drinking?

    Yes Jesus did drink wine but it was wine that doesn't have alcohol in it. I underatand that you guys believe that drinking wine, beered or whatever yall drink isn't bad but I am a Pentecostal CHristian and we don't allow people to drink. How would you drink wine or beer knowing how it can affect you. That is disgrace before God's eyes. Alcohol can be addicting and can cause a problem.
  7. Michi

    Is anyone here Bisexual

    I have to agree with Roselyn. Any type of homosexuality is a sin and God doesn't like that. God loves the sinner but not the sin. It says so in the bible and the bible talks about homosexuals.
  8. Michi

    compilcated and nervous

    Psychic reading is not of God's. How about that person pray about it and wait on God's answer.
  9. Michi

    self-decieved false convert

    God bless you Elllie. I just want to let you know that i have been spiritually lazy. I would always make up excuses to not do what I wanted to do for God. Those voices who are telling you to do things, you have to rebuke it in the name of Jesus. Those voices aren't from God, its from the enemy who is attacking you. All I have to say is pray and fast so that God can open your eyes to see the truth and to give you the strength that you use to do for God. The enmy is attacking you to cut you off and stop you from knowing the truth. You have to keep fighting. God gaves us authority to rebuke demons but you have to ask God to help you. In Jeremiah 33:3 said call on me and I will respond. Call him and he will help you. He sees what you're going through. If you have questions, ask him. If you need help ask him. You are not condemed. The devil is a liar. You got to rebuke those negative thoughts. God loves you and he is willing to give you a second chance. We are in the final times and we have to be firm and to seek God more than ever. Accept God again. Ask him to clean you from your sins. Ask him for forgivenes. Yes you have to care about your salvation; that's important but you also have to care about the people in the world. In the bible says that we have to preach the word out of time and in of time. Ask God to change your heart, he will. Int he bible says that God will remove the heart of stone and will replace it with a new heart. Keep on moving forward. Keep on fighting and remember if Jesus could overcome what he gone through; so can you. I love you as your sister in Christ and keep on moving forward. God bless you.
  10. Michi

    The Mark of the Beast

    Wait.....I don't get it. So you are saying that you don't believe in the rapture of the church or the tribulation that people who stay on earth will go through?
  11. Michi


    I agree with the second person that coment on this. Those group of singer are agaisnt religion and God. But it's on you if you want to listen to it. BUt if you believe and GOd and you are a christian then you shouldn't be listening to thses types of songs. It is wrong before God's eyes.
  12. Michi

    Sexual and Romantic Orientation(s)

    Amen to that Becky
  13. I know I am just adding that onto it.
  14. I am a Pentecostal Christian and it is kind of hard being one bc alot of people be lashing out at me for speaking the truth. I preach the word how it is. I really don't care of people rise against me. I have a God who's with me. :)

  15. God is love but he is also a consuming fire.
  16. I SEE EVERYONE! It been long since I been here xD

  17. Hey I just want to ask someone if any of you think that anime is bad? i REALLY REALLY LOVE ANIME and my parents and siblings kept telling me that anime is bad and will open doors to the devil. I just want to know if it´s bad or not.
  18. I just want to share my testimony. Some of you guys may have heard it before but I just want to share it again. Here it goes: Last year was the worst year for me. The depression had hit me hard and it had destroyed me completly. I didn't do the things that I use to do before. THe passion that I had to seek God's presence was gone. I use to fast and pray and read the bible a lot. I even sang for God because singing is one of the talents that God gave me. I even preached but since the spirit of depression came upon me it hit me really hard and i had fall. I started cutting again and I started to get rebellious. I saw life as a curse. I hate life and I hated my life and all I did was cry. I thought that I would never get back up. How i was mad at myself for letting the enemy take over me. All I did was lock myself in my room filling my arms and thighs with cuts. All I did was cry and cry and I asked God LORD help me. I was planning to kill my self. I never bother to tell no one what I was feeling because I didn't trust no one. I didn't have nobody by my side. All those who were by my side had left me and had laughed at my fall. Even though it was hard for me to get back up, but I thank God for saving me again. In the bible says 7 times the you fall, 7 times God will lift you back up. Little by little I am getting back up. Alot of people said that I am not the person that they once knew. I changed. What I gone through had changed me. It made me do things better than i use to do before. I got closer to God. We got to stop seeing our battles as something bad. The battles are good because it gets us closer to God. We mature through the process that we go through. I had asked God many times why did I had to go through this and all he said was that he is trying to turn me into someone better. What we go through doesn't make us leave God. It makes us get closer to him. God always comes on time. Even though you feel like that God is not listening to you and you feel like that God doesn't care about you but I tell you that God's love for you is so big. He hears you, he is just waiting for you to turn to him and trust in him.Yes what you are going through is hard but trust me that it is worth going through the battles that we go through. It makes us stronger. It transforms us. It makes us grow. It gets us closer to God. We have to thank God for what we are going through because what we go through is a blessing. We get to know GOd more. We get to see his glory. Thank you all for reading and if you have any questions just let me know. Thanks you and God bless you all.
  19. Michi

    Living Life On the Edge

    I am praying for you. God will give you the strength so that you can overcome on whatever you are going through. Remember that you are not alone. God is with you. God bless you.
  20. God wants me alone. I can't be around people knowing that I will turn into them or end up getting hurt by people. So i just stay by myself. I kind of am anti-social. I try to avoide people as much as possible. Not saying that all people are bad but I just rather to be bby myself. People aren't loyal or trustworthy. I only trust God and God is the only friend I need.
  21. All my family from my mom side wants to come to the United States  from Puerto Rico and stay at my house due to that they all lost their home bc of the Hurrican. How is everyone going to fit in my house? We only have 4 bed rooms. It is almost 9 0r 10 of them.

  22. Michi

    is Judas in hell?

    I am not the type of person to say weather Judas went to hell or not bc I am not God but in the bible did say that Judas did hung himself.
  23. In order to have evidence to see if God exist is by having an experience with him. Many people believe in him bc he revealed himself to people. TBh the bible doesn't show enough evidence that God exsist;however in order to believe is to ask God for an experience with him. I remember when I told God that if he is real and if that if he actually cares about me, to reveal himself to me and he did.
  24. Michi


    I agree with you this time bc the end is near. All the earthquake and the hurricanes, it is part of the coming of Jesus. It is in the bible.
  25. Michi

    Please Pray for the People in Carribean Sea

    I am from Puerto Rico. I was 6 years old when I came to the United States. I am always praying for Puerto Rico and the people there and my family who is also there. I am also praying for other carribean regions that is going to be hit by the hurricane.