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    Christian sophomore teen, just trying to be a positive influence to those around me!
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    United Kingdom
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    Music- I play the flute, piano guitar and I sing, sports (tennis, rowing and track), maths, chemistry and languages (especially French, Swedish and a little bit of German), travelling and cooking!
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    Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB)
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    Delilah (Dilly)

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  1. Love your avatar! It's my namesake flower. (Or should I say usernamesake? *shrugs* LOL)

    1. Music_girl


      Thank you! Daisies are my favourite flowers XD

    2. Shasta Daisy

      Shasta Daisy

      Mine too! Well, one of them. I have so many!

  2. Now that summer is only a few days away for me, I really would like to get some books to read on holiday! I read all the time, but it's usually books recommended by friends that aren't quite my taste. I'd really like to read some good Christian fiction that isn't too cheesy or over the top but still honours God at the same time. Does anyone have any recommendations that they can share?
  3. Music_girl

    Bad friends, and finding new ones

    Similar situation- although I live in a supoosedly very religious city, people my age just don't seem to be acting upon their religion! There are a few, but they're not necessarily my type of person- different interests, different side of the year group etc. so I've never really known them! If it's really bugging you then I guess you could home school? I wish I could but it's not ideal in my family situation, but perhaps it might be for you? Also, don't be afraid to befriend any girls your age at church, I'm sure they'd appreciate you wanting to start a friendship! As for now, CTF might be your best way to connect with other Christians.
  4. Music_girl

    Hello, my name is Eugene!

    Welcome Eugene!!
  5. Music_girl

    What book are you reading now?

    Just started reading Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts!! It's a really thick book but so far so good!!
  6. Music_girl

    Now Playing...

    All We Do- Oh Wonder (great song for studying)
  7. Music_girl

    What book are you reading now?

    Just started reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, apparently it's a really good book
  8. Music_girl

    My New Addition

    I don't think we've ever met but congratulations, she's beautiful
  9. Music_girl

    Non-Christian Genre, Christian Meanings

    Literally every twenty one pilots song! They use a ridiculous amount of Christian references in their music!!
  10. Music_girl


    Been playing for eight years now, mainly play accostic but some electric if I feel like it! I love seagull guitars and I just recently managed to save up for one! I bought an S6 Cedar Concert Hall QIT which is a beautiful model and will play well for a performance I'm doing at school! Perosnally I wanted a Cedar wood to a Spruce as the tone is so much warmer!! I already have a few Spruce so I thought I'd differ a little bit and don't regret it! What's everyone's preferences if you have one?
  11. Music_girl

    I want to leave school

    I understand how you feel! I'm also doing my GCSEs at the en dog this year and being the only Christian in my year group makes me feel isolated at times! People expect you to only ever think about God and to bring Him up all the time and it agitates me greatly when I do not live up to these standards others set for me!! But you can't let this get you down! In need to find a passion in school that makes you want to go! It could be a club, a society or having a leadership role! I found my passion last year for music (I've always loved it but never took it really seriously) and now I have a close group of friends who also participate in the music clubs I am a part of. Remember that at the end of the day, the stress you are feeling now is only short term for a long term of opportunity if you succeed! Pray that God will alleviate some of your stress and instead put all your frustrations into trying your best.
  12. Music_girl

    Teens basic need for Success.

    For me, to put God first is obviously an innate reaction and I would do so without question. But to do anything outside of God? That is also basic human functioning. We have our own goals, aside from the ones God sets us. We can put Him first, but he wants us to regard ourselves also. My school is not a religious one. I attend it, I study hard, I get the grades I want and that isn't a failure. That is just one example out of many. n God is looking out for us, he doesn't automatically put harm in front of those who are lost. He does not put failure into things which do not regard him. He cares for us and wishes to see us thrive. You can't expect Him to do the work for you, you must also try yourself. "Watching for the outcome" is not what is going yo bring you success, hard work and perseverance is.
  13. Music_girl

    We are the light that shines through the darkness

    I can relate- kind of. It's not as if I'm exactly rejected as such, but I do feel isolated in a place where I shouldn't. But reading this reminds me of the hope of God!!
  14. Music_girl

    People at school making me so mad!

    I think you need to be firm but not aggressive, I understand if you have problems controlling your anger and it's great that our principle is helping you with that- but you need to tell her as calmly as you can that you'd like to see a change in people's attitude in class and even perhaps the teacher's discipline! If you are level-headed she will fully understand where you are coming from better instead of facing rage. I really hope the situation improves for you
  15. Music_girl

    Hi there! (:

    Hi there welcome to CTF