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  1. I'm really tired....

  2. I have Asperger's syndrome and, according to my teachers, ADHD (but I'm not sure if the last one is accurate). I also suspect that I'm hyperlexic. It often goes with autism, and I definitely fit some criteria for it.
  3. Raevyn


    Any other Crafters in the group?
  4. Raevyn

    Big Hero 6

    Disney's Big Hero Six is my favorite movie. It's sad, but funny at parts, and I don't care if it's animated--I recommend it to everyone. What did all of you think about the film?
  5. I just finished reading a classic novella by John Steinbeck. There was a lot of swearing in it, but not gratuitous--it was fitting for the time and situation. It was SO good. I know I'll be required to read it in school next year, so I guess I have a head start, too.
  6. Hi! ¡Hola! I'm Raevyn, the budding Spanish speaker. Lol. I'm not close to fluent yet, but I'm trying to get there. A little more about me: I love reading and writing, I'm always on Pinterest, and I think this site will be really cool.