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    Hi! I Go by Plasma in most circles, so feel free to call me that. I am a 11th grade, conservative, homeschool guy with interests in anything mechanical. I also enjoy woodworking and comicbooks. I am pretty friendly, but don't insult my friends, unless you want a beat-down. Feel free to PM or chat with me.
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  1. I'm beginning to think that CTF will fair much better if we just wipe it clean and start off with a new slate, instead of continuing with this failed system.

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    2. Chris-M


      Clones of this forum have been made at least 3 times. Admittedly, I had little to do with any of them, but I know none of them did well. Forums just aren't a competitive platform on the modern web, given the emergence of massive social media platforms like Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, Skype, Roll20, Discord, and the like. The only hope CTF had was to thrive on the basis of old, committed members. But Cary blasted that hope, and the place is essentially doomed.

    3. Chris-M


      But hey! If you do make a new forum, send me a link :)

    4. Josh (J)

      Josh (J)

      what CTF needed was no effin Cary that's what. 

  2. Some people say Ted Cruz reminds them of a con-man or a used car salesman. Probably because of his voice and the way he speaks. Thats why they say he is creepy. Kim Kardasian? *Shudders*
  3. Congrats for ten years! I hope you have a great life ahead of you! Sorry for the late posting, I've quit visiting the site here on a regular basis.
  4. Dear Lord Administrator of Failing Internet Forums: The problem is not that the forum here is filled with 20-somethings. Sure they aren't the target demographic, but they are not so scary that they frighten all the actual teens away. Actually they are the exact opposite, without them there would be absolutely no activity on this forum. The problem here is that Christian Teen Forums is simply not appealing to teenagers, and that is due to a variety of problems stemming from site administration. Don't try to shift the blame on other people.
  5. I agree with you along baptism. I see it as symbolic of salvation, but not actually part of salvation, therefore this whole discussion is moot to me. Plus the idea that we should baptize babies because they are "predestined" at birth seems overly complicated and outlandish. I mean, if that is actually true then why isn't every child who has been sprinkled at birth a Christian, and if they are already chosen for salvation then what is even the point of baptism? These recent posts by this certain poster have all been the same truly. He/she throws in random Bible verses that sounds good but most of which are taken out-of-context and aren't even relevant (like using OT verses that are not remotely to their NT counter-parts.) They also fail to use a consistent translation and constantly claims that their opinion on a verse are actual fact and it isn't open to interpretation. All this and the annoyingly large font just sings of click-bait and amateur debating.
  6. You don't exactly encourage legitimacy when you use 5 different translations for your argument. I suggest you stick with one, because right now it looks like you are cutting and pasting whatever translation of that verse best supports your claims.
  7. Oh no! The Apocalypse has begun! Its, its snowing!!!!
  8. How about we start a swearing contest? That ought to catch his attention!
  9. Granted, but the IRS will arrest you for not filling the gain in your taxes. I wish I had more time.
  10. Welcome! Never met but good meeting you!
  11. So, I was having a discussion with a very orthodox Catholic friend of mine, and it involved the legitimacy of following the idea of Sola Scriptura. He claimed that without some sort of appointed authority to define and make new doctrine, problems that the Bible never directly addressed like abortion and trans-genderism, would have no Christian doctrine to go against it. Here is the quote directly in his words if you like I find this to be a flimsy excuse, basically saying that people can't use common sense and the Bible to determine morality, but the guy does defend his argument well. I was wondering your opinion on this and how you would defend Sola Scriptura or if you believe the guy is totally right and his argument is flawless.
  12. This is a tricky sorta question, though I do agree with Nicene Nerd on this. What exactly do you find attractive in other religions that isn't so in Christianity? That would really help me understand your question better.