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    I can't remember what brand mine is but it's acoustic too.
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    Denomination Quiz for Another CTF Generation

    I got 100% Methodist/Wesleyan, Presbyterian USA, and Southern Baptist. I'm southern baptist so that makes sense.
  3. ProsTonTheon

    Which Genre do you like?

    I love rock. I listen to the occasional hard rock but I prefer... non-hard rock? I'm not exactly sure what you'd call it, but I think it's just rock. I love Modest Mouse (when there's a song without a bunch of cussing) and I'm starting to listen to some Weezer
  4. ProsTonTheon

    Who is homeschooled?

    I'm homeschooled too! Anyone else use Bob Jones Press?
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    Hello! I'm new

    Hi everyone, I just found these forums so I figured I'd make an account and try them out. Some things about me-- my name is Holly, I'm a baptist, I'm in 10th grade, I absolutely love math and am growing to love science as well, I play piano and guitar, I like making donuts, and I'm a level 1--very soon to be level 2-- gymnast.