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  1. Hiiii everyone! Sooo, Let me introduce myself to you; My real name's AurĂ©lie, I'll be 17 in less than 2 months, I'm french and I live in France next to Paris. I'm tall (I can't tell u how tall I am, I don't know american measures :/), brown-skined with real afro hair. I'm going to high school, working economy. I'm here to meet some teens who I can talk with, cuz I'll go to Miami, Kissimmee, Tampa, Orlando... this summer and I'll move there in one year. Then, I thought it could be great to start talking with people living in Florida and maybe meet them when I'll come! So if you're interested by get to know me, send me messages, I'll try to answer as fast as possible! Sorry for all the mistakes I certainly made, you can correct me if you want, that will help me to improve my English level! Aller salut‼ ( don't forget that, as I'm in France, our schedules are different! so maybe I'll sometimes reply with some hours late )