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    Reading, watching movies, fishing, hiking , school, and chatting on CTF.
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  1. scarlettdelta2386

    please pray

    I didn't know gaige that well but it really hurts to hear that his dad died please pray and reply. i need your support and so does gaige
  2. scarlettdelta2386

    in love with a farm employee

    there is this 18 year old named lucas who is very sweet, and lets me tell him anything. I allmost kissed him because i love him so much! i need help controlling my love for people
  3. scarlettdelta2386

    What to do if I love a former teacher

    what i mean is that you have feelings for them
  4. scarlettdelta2386

    What to do if I love a former teacher

    I really like my old english teacher and i don't know how to stop. I've tried everything! please help!
  5. scarlettdelta2386

    is it okay to love a teacher?

    just so you know Boogles. what I mean by love is any kind of love. friendly or romantic
  6. scarlettdelta2386

    is it okay to love a teacher?

    what i mean by love is not lusting for a teacher but just flat out love. like romantic love or loving them as a friend. please vote on this topic in my poll.
  7. scarlettdelta2386

    Does he care

    I feel that i haven't been doing things perfectly for my dad or anybody please help even though i dont deserve it.
  8. going for a hike on the farm today.   I'll be on here to chat at 7:33 pm tonight if anybody wants to talk. :)

    1. Everheal


      Funny. I was also hiking in that day. 

  9. if you read the title you know what i'm saying... I have been such a pain asking for guidance. please forgive me
  10. The really long title says it all. I'm scaring people away from me because of my looks. that is why I don't have a boyfriend. I am too ugly because of my glasses and braces hair and clumsiness even though m name is hannah which means grace, doesn't mean i am graceful physically. have you ever heard or seen the video die a happy man by thomas rhett? that song makes me cry when it plays on the radio or i see the music video. I just want to go to the future and find my "Thomas Rhett"
  11. scarlettdelta2386

    lonely girl in love

    every time I listen to love songs I start tearing up! please help me I'm tired of seeing every girl so happy with a boyfriend! please guide me
  12. scarlettdelta2386

    Does God hate me

    But why have things gone wrong almost all my life? I just can't see how God loves me if I'm suffering.
  13. scarlettdelta2386

    Does God hate me

    Lately it seems like God thinks I'm a bad person because my family is suffering from a bad crop year, low milk prices, and maybe God wants me to suffer because he gave me Autism, bad eyes, an ugly face, braces, and worst of all Who I am makes people hate me and I think God loves watching people call me a retard even though I get straight A's. I just want to not suffer anymore, If God won't help me Please I need someone to talk to.
  14. scarlettdelta2386

    Is anyone here Bisexual

    it's alright we all say things that we don't realize we're saying.(what I just said didn't make much sense did it. Lol
  15. scarlettdelta2386

    Prayers for my mental health, and the milk prices in Pennsylvania.

    thanks Chuck I hope Ogd will hear your prayers.