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    Follower of Christ and wanting to make an impact for him online! I am active in my local churches youth group as well as love to hike, fish and play video games! (who doesn't right?)

    social media is the new mission field so I want to create more positive messages about the bible and christianity through these venues! I hope that you can see the same thing and we can further discuss these topics together!
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    Making Youtube videos, I want to put more positive messages about God into social media and other platforms

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  1. I read this article the other day from Babylon Bee and made a video on it because I couldn't stop laughing. I personally don't see why everyone hates on the guy all the time, but no matter what side of the isle you lean on I think you could still find it funny! Link to the video below! Is there something wrong with this man? If you feel that way what is the specific reason?
  2. pbros_theredletter.org

    People Who say the bible preaches hate against homosexuals

    Very good point, I feel like there is just a major disconnect with the whole subject, no matter what someone tries to present they go back to the subject of God's love and the justification for commands of death, it might just be the day and age we are in now, but more and more friends are making a big deal about this and other subjects like slavery, subjection of women (particularly being sold as property etc)
  3. pbros_theredletter.org

    People Who say the bible preaches hate against homosexuals

    I agree, I feel like some would say if God's love is unconditional then how can we as Christians rationalize the thought of him commanding death for anything at all (Kind of playing devil's advocate here, I have had many conversations with these people!
  4. I have had the opportunity many times to share the gospel with non believers, one thing that keeps getting thrown in my face is the verse Leviticus 20:13New International Version (NIV) 13 “‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads. What is said is that if God is love and he is all knowing, then why would he command something so brutal? And how can we still call him a loving God? I am curious to see what some people might say to this? And to be clear I have already heard "Well its old testament" they come back with well isn't he the same yesterday today and forever? Then how can he be loving if he demanded murder? I want to create a bunch of topics on this type of thing on difficult scriptures from the old testament and see what people say because I am trying to get ideas on how to reply!
  5. pbros_theredletter.org

    Christians Who Are To Easily Offended...

    We live in a day and age where people make it their own personal profession to get offended at everything. Specifically when it comes to believers and the church. There are a few Christians who seem to get easily offended at sermons, actions etc taken by the church or pastor. Does this kind of hyper-sensitive thinking have a potential to bring serious damage to someones walk in faith? Can it cause them to miss out on all that God has for them? Check out the video link below for more! https://youtu.be/Au9dDqdz_dQ
  6. pbros_theredletter.org

    Why Are Some Christians Obsessed With The Illuminati??

    Definitely, I just feel it is sad to see someone so infatuated with it, especially in my personal circles where friends have become so obsessed to the point where its all they see and its all they think about or talk about. Im over just like "hey guys lets talk about the awesome things God's doing in our lives" And they respond with "Yea but did you see that new music video from rihanna with all those illuminati symbols" HAHA!
  7. There are a lot of Christian's and even some ministries that have dedicated 100% of their waking moments to finding Illuminati related symbols and hidden agendas with in everything ranging from books, movies, music, and even some mega churches! I have no problem with anyone who believes in the existence in the Illuminati but in this video I question if it's spiritually healthy to be in a state of consistently and relentlessly focused on this subject? Do you think potentially that Christians that spend all their time on this subject are missing it? Check the link down below for the full video! https://youtu.be/q3lJrBJbQWE
  8. pbros_theredletter.org

    Be Careful With That Sword!

  9. pbros_theredletter.org

    Negative Christianity Is A Cancer To The Church

    150% agree! I was trying to focus on the aspect that you mentioned with casting the first stone, and people who try to remove the twig from someones eye and not the log from their own, I have had some people talk to me about calling out people on their doctrine, but I view calling out people on doctrine and just being overly judgmental to people are two separate issues!
  10. https://youtu.be/ODWwtzLz530 Judgmental Christians, Judgmental churches, people that will try and drag you down. Was Jesus this judgmental? We are now seeing a lot more negativity being spread around in the church, whether we are judging ourselves within our own hearts to a place that it gets unhealthy or when someone is in the church and may cross the line into preaching hate! What does the bible say about this and is this scriptural?
  11. pbros_theredletter.org

    Be Careful With That Sword!

    Thanks for the comment! I agree with most everything you said! When I talk about reading it, what I am specifically referencing is when people who read it find something they do not like or think is pretty backwards, and kind of out of emotion decide not to read it again, ultimately bringing harm to their spiritual life because they never take the time or energy into pursuing further understanding of what its saying! When I mention people who bring harm to others with the word I believed that that statement was self explanatory, speaking on people who preach "God hates you" from the street corners etc.
  12. pbros_theredletter.org

    Can God's Word Hurt People?

    Gives a whole new meaning to the term Bible Thumper! Ha Ha!
  13. pbros_theredletter.org

    Can God's Word Hurt People?

    https://youtu.be/CybTNCi9uhg This video goes over some of the dangers of preaching God's word and not really understanding it or using it to harm others, the same way somebody would if they just picked up a sword with no training and started swinging it around! Let me know what you guys think!
  14. pbros_theredletter.org

    Be Careful With That Sword!

    https://youtu.be/CybTNCi9uhg When ever someone picks up a sword and begins swinging it around with no proper training they are in danger of bringing harm to themselves and others. In the bible it refers to Gods word as a double edged sword, so shouldn't the same principle apply? We as Christians should be more careful when speaking the word at someone or even reading it on our own.