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    Clothing Question

    This will seem like a kinda dumb question, but here goes anyways: My girlfriend of, oh, almost 2 years is visiting me this Summer. We're in a long-distance relationship (California and N. Carolina). We were planning on going to the beach together with some other of our mutual friends. Problem: She wears (always has) a bikini. Now personally, I don't have a huge issue with that, but many of our mutual friends come from very Conservative homes where bikinis are no-nos. What do I do? Do I ask my girlfriend to not wear the bikini? Or do I tell our other friends that, "well, this is the way it is and there's nothing I can do about it"? Is there anything from the Bible that might help her understand my friend's views?
  2. General_Stingray

    Clothing Question

    @Amyt303 it's been ages since I've been on here, but the little requested update: the two parties that were involved in this (my now ex-girlfriend (though still a close friend of mine) and two of my other friends) seem to have a mutual shaky truce for the moment, with the basic note that the parents won't let their kids go with her to the beach. So I guess it's resolved that way--more peacefully honestly than I thought possible lol
  3. Off to Chicago!

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      Sounds fun! I went there six years ago!

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    Hey everyone I'm new here, just wanted to say hi!
  5. The SD Padres swept a doubleheader from the Chicago Cubs! So excited!

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    Clothing Question

    I get your point. Yes, she has a beautiful and physically femininely mature body (no further details on that needed). Yes, I do appreciate that. She's beautiful. -BUT- I don't think your definition of "lust" is quite correct. To me, lust is any sexual attraction outside of marriage...
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    Clothing Question

    Yes, they (we) should. Just maybe in a slightly different way...
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    Praying for you! I totally understand what you are going through/the other kids are going through. I am technically autistic. While I have pretty much recovered, autism has always been a topic close to me. Praying for all the things you mentioned. PM me if you want me to pray for you more specifically, or for your healing in certain ways. --Frank
  9. First of all, let me just let you know that I'm praying for both of you, but especially for your girlfriend. I'm sure that your girlfriend is a wonderful, loving, and beautiful young woman. I truly am sorry that she's been through all this. No young woman deserves it. I cannot imagine what she's gone through/is going through. But it's done. It's happened. It's time to focus on healing. With your girlfriends emotional issues, I have two comments: 1. PRAY. 2. Continue to see the psychiatrist. I do not know anyone personally who has been raped, but I have worked with people that have been in the past through church groups. The one thing that always is important is making them understand that they are not alone--there are many many other people going through the exact same thing that they are. If they understand that, normally from my experience that makes them feel better. As for wanting justice for the men who did this to your girlfriend: Yes, it would be great if they could be caught, but it's probably never gonna happen. I know she trusts you. People who have been raped tend to trust people less, so if she's your girlfriend, then she really DOES trust you. Don't let her down. Keep picking her up when she falls. Pray for her. Don't hover, but be protective. As a guy who has a girlfriend of my own, I understand the pain you have of not being there to protect her when she was raped. It's one of the worst feelings--the helplessness that you feel knowing the girl you love was hurt and you couldn't do anything about it. I know I constantly worry about my girlfriend, as we're in a long-distance relationship (CA and NC), but I trust her to God's care, and I know she'll be safe. Trust your girlfriend to God's care. He won't let you down.
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    Sexuality in Teens - Masturbation

    I don't know if masturbation itself is an issue. I think more of the issue is what lies behind it--mainly the sexual fantasizing. The reason people masturbate is for pleasure. But normally the masturbation is accompanied by, well, something else. To me, the problem is not masturbation. Like you said, you find yourself occasionally fantasizing about the girls you know. Guess what: Almost every guy does (even me!). You're not alone. Whenever you find your mind "wandering" in that direction, DISTRACT YOURSELF. It could be writing a letter to a pen pal. Or picking up a good book. Or playing a video game. Just something to get your mind off of girls.
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    which denomination should i choose?

    "Liberal or laid back"? Hmm. Interesting. For the "Liberal" type, maybe Methodist? For "Laid back", go Evangelical Free Church.
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    Clothing Question

    Good point
  13. General_Stingray

    Clothing Question

    Lol. I don't think she'd appreciate that!
  14. Thanks everyone for making me feel so welcome! :)

  15. General_Stingray

    Clothing Question

    @T.O.W.R. I think that's probably the way I'll go...
  16. I wouldn't call Trump "The Prince of Darkness". He's not the big problem. The big problem is Hillary.
  17. Just figuring this place out! :)

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