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  1. Hey there,, i'm a young 13 year old girl and I've been having some family problems. (Help from anyone would be great!) My mom and dad have been struggling financially and have been fighting over it a lot lately. My family hast started drifting away a lot and i eel like it may be the work of the devil. My dad has changed the lock to his office and got a new key so no body can get in, and my mom did the same. I have two younger siblings (5 and 7) and i don't know how to protect them if my mom and dad completely separate. My dad has been very stubborn, and i don't think he is thinking of how this is hurting my mom. She woke up crying this morning instead of angry. She wants to do some kind of bankruptcy but my dad refuses to giver her his papers. Now i feel like I am the only one left to bring the family together. I have sacrificed my time in after school activities trying to find away to help my parents. But the only thing i am worried about is if i am the right person to help bring people together, because i'm pretty broken myself. Please help, i'm so confused and i don't want my younger siblings to have separated parents like i once had. Thank you, god bless you for reading this