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  1. meercat

    Should same sex marriage be legal?

    the way I see it I don't think people should b gay, but making it illegal stops people from making the decision not to be for themselves. Stops them thinking about y it isn't great. On the other hand, making illegal would take so much pressure off vicers....
  2. meercat

    Brand new here. (:

  3. meercat


  4. meercat

    all you DR. Who fan's

    my fave Dr is definitely David Tennant, but I like peter capaldi alot, too!!!
  5. meercat

    How often do you pray, and about what?

    i pray all the time, in exams, in school, in bed, random, really. whenever i feel the need. i put 5-9 cos it was the broadest answer.
  6. its what we do and believe that matters, not what we see.
  7. meercat


    wanted place to talk to other christian teens, answer to prayers, really! CoE evangelist and really looking forward to this!!!!
  8. meercat

    Mental Health

    prayers for you to find ur feet again and be sure again.
  9. some family having a hard time... would really appreciate prayers to help me be the best i can be to them, with the Lord's help of course!!!