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    > I teach English and study religion and counseling
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    I like reading and writing poetry. I like kungfu and Mandarin Chinese. I like to talk to people about life.
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  1. Have friends. Friends can like you without doing kissing or anything if that nature. I find friendships really helped me get that connection I needed. Guard your heart. Sometimes we are trying to fill a hole in our lives either before we are ready or instead of putting Jesus in that place. Hows your relationship with God? Jesus had lots of friends and it's good to connect with people, but would you say you are totally ready to get married? I wouldn't have said that about myself at your age. I would prepare myself and guard my heart for the future if I were you. If anything, commit to at least 6 months of platonic friendship. If the feelings are still there and things might look like you are both heading in the same direction in life, ask God what he thinks. platonic pləˈtɒnɪk/ adjective (of love or friendship) intimate and affectionate but not sexual. "their relationship is purely platonic"
  2. welcome to here. i am not active on the site, but I hope you can find some connections and swap encouragements with some brothers and sisters. Peace to you.
  3. I frequently break into a strange accent that is not my own. It happens when I hear people using an accent and it happens subconsciously so I get quite embarrassed when they call me out on it.
  4. My little sister does this and my brothers and I used to sneak up and jump into her conversation and she would get so mad xD
  5. Thanks eslamyehia ^^
  6. Neato! Is he a nice guy? Most of the Taiwanese are so nice to me here ^^
  7. 我很好。 謝謝。 你呢?
  8. i would seek professional help like a counselor if you haven't already. If that's not an option then I would talk to someone you trust and ask them to help you through this hard time. If anything, "going-it-alone" only makes things harder.
  9. ProTip: don't get behind. Each week, each day, each assignment is worth a lot.
  10. Have you tried getting a language exchange partner? You can often use Skype or other voice chats to practice listening comprehension.
  11. a friend to talk with in English? Let's talk!
  12. Hello. I am new here. I am a Christian and I love to talk with people about life. I am a volunteer English teacher in Taiwan and I am studying religion and counseling. I have lots of friends but none really get me. Life can be tough for me and I needed a forum where I could anonymously post and talk about real life topics. Talk at me any time and feel free to ask any questions - I am an open (and very down-to-earth) person.