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    I live in so cal and i love to swim, surf, lay out, go to church and i'm about to start college here in ventura.
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    Ventura, CA
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    church, the ocean, modeling, beauty inside and out!
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  1. michelleran


    YES. All of this. Thank you. M
  2. michelleran

    Picture Post

  3. I am loving summer SOOO MUCH!!!

  4. michelleran

    Fashion Design

    SO, SO pretty!!! I love it! I wish I could draw...
  5. Finally got around to putting up a portfolio site for my modeling stuff.... yay!

  6. michelleran


    Thank you so much for the advice!!!!! Your really wise! I want to show you some of my modeling pics if your OK with that. Can I send you the link to the site I made for my portfolio and stuff? I don't wanna post it here but I am OK w/ sending to ppl if you message me. Thank u for the suggestions!!!
  7. Thinking about modeling right now... i struggle so much with this!

    1. DallasCaleb


      Praying for ya! God will guide ya! :)

  8. michelleran


    So this seems weird to me but maybe its totally normal.... I am obsessed with how I look!!! Haha, I know THAT sounds normal maybe, but I am talking about spending ALOT of time in front of the mirror staring at my body looking for anything that isnt perfect. I work out and I eat pretty decent and I have a OK body I think. I also have a great tan because I spend a ton of time at the beach. But I feel like I think about how my body looks WAAAAY too much. I've also done a little modeling which really doesn't help since all those ppl are so obsessed with perfect bodies. So yeah it feels kind of sinful to be soooooo obsessed about this. Anyone else have any experiances with this??? Thanks!!
  9. michelleran

    This might be a weird question.....

    WOW, I am so glad I read this!!!! I thought I was totally weird because this has happened to me since I was 13. So yeah, for me they get bigger AND sore. Ugh.
  10. michelleran

    Modest Clothing?

    I love clothes so much!!! And I live in a beach town in southern california so it's hard not to wear kind of revealing stuff. I would never wear that stuff to church of course! But I wear short skirts, bikinis (a lot... its a beach town), tank tops, midriff tops, short shorts, and even a few things that show some cleavage. I do NOT wear see thru because I think it's so gross! Even though my body isn't perfect (except in God's eyes) I think God made us look beautiful for a reason.... Covering all that beauty up just doesn't seem right to me.
  11. michelleran


    I have a few really good friends but I know what you mean!!! Especially about ppl not acting like a Christian, but that's another topic! I would like to be your friend! Michelle
  12. michelleran

    Excited and scared

    So I am going to college next month,,,, and I am SO EXCITED AND SCARED at the same time! I worked pretty hard in high school but I still didn't really do that good.... I got C's and some B's. I get distracted so easy its hard to concentrate!?! Can anyone tell me what it was like especially if weren't like a great student or whatever in high school? Oh also I live in Ventura, CA in case anyone lives around here. Michelle
  13. michelleran

    [GIRLS ONLY] Do you *always* think about sex? poll

    gosh i love polls SOOOO MUCH but this one is.... wow!!! anyways here goes. Do You *Always* Think About Sex? 1. Yes, quite a bit. 2. No, not really 3. Yes, but not too much. 4. No, rarely do i think about sex. 5. Eh, it depends. 7. Yes, And It Really Bothers Me. 8. Yes, and I'm perfectly Fine With It 9. Other Do You *Always Think About Guys In A Sexual Manner? 1. Yes, I do. I struggle quite a bit. 2. Yeah, I do, but i really try not to. 3. No, Not always, though I struggle at times. 4. No, Not really. I'm pretty disciplined with my thoughts. 5. No, I have no problems with this. 6. Yes, I do, And I don't See Anything Wrong With It. 7. Other Is Thinking About Sex Subconscious? 1. No, it's not. I have to make an effort to think about it. 2. No, it's not. But it's not hard to think about something sexual. 3. Yes, it is. I don't even realize I'm doing it most of the time. 4. Yes, it is. I am aware I think of it quite a bit, but it's nothing that bothers me. 5. Other Is It Better To Watch Porn Than Go and Cheat On Your Boyfriend/Fiance/Husband? 1. Yes. As long as it isn't physical, it's fine. 2. Yes, as long as it doesn't effect our relationship. 3. No, it's just as bad or worse. 4. No, it's the same thing as cheating. 5. Other - Yes, but it's also really sinful.