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  1. Dc♡Jesus

    Is anyone here Bisexual

    Oh gosh sorry, i was on the wrong page didn't realize it was already resolved
  2. Dc♡Jesus

    Is anyone here Bisexual

    We are free to choose but not free from the consequences. That is freedom. You could steal, your choice, your right, but then the person who you stole from has the right to take you to court. Every action has a reaction
  3. Dc♡Jesus

    will I ever be normal?

    If people see you as not normal then youre doing well :smile:weird is one of the best traits ever!!!!! Normal people have no courage and maybe you'll stand out but what would you rather have, a thousand duplicates of the same friend's personality or a hundred interesting colorful people. People don't always see whats different but real friends will. If you always try to strive for normality then you will never realize just how amazing you are. Im not normal, but what i've found is that the older you get, the more people are drawn to you. Teens and young adults want to fit in, but adults realize how boringly pointless this is and then will try and discover something new bright, only to find that 90% of the population have become robots. Be a weird unique individual. And those jealous brats can keep all their 'sanity' Weirdos for life!!!!!!!! Anyone is free to speak to me if they want to?
  4. Dc♡Jesus

    Negative Christianity Is A Cancer To The Church

    But yes, being judgmental and showing the truth are two very different things
  5. Dc♡Jesus

    Negative Christianity Is A Cancer To The Church

    There are like 50 billion scriptures that tell us not to be judgmental, for example: Hebrews 12:14 Luke 6:31 and 35 Mark 12:31 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and 13 Ephesians 4:2 and 4:31 1 Peter 4:8 1 John 4:7-12 and 18-19 Collosians 3:12-14 Matthew 5:44 We reach the world for Christ by showing His love, we hinder His work by being judgmental. We are meant to love the sinner and hate the sin. As He did.
  6. Dc♡Jesus

    3 Ways We As Christians Can Be Challenged

    Wow, so true
  7. Dc♡Jesus

    Black Nail Polish ?

    Seriously,its nail polish, there is no problem with that, if anyone can show me a verse in the Bible that says black is evil, Ill listen, but I know there isn't one. Also, where in the Bible does it say that girls have to wear skirts if they are Christian? That's legalism, Jesus came to set us free, to meet us at where we are, but everyone is in a different place and they should do as the Holy Spirit tells them. Pray, if you feel its wrong don't do it, otherwise go ahead.
  8. Dc♡Jesus


  9. Dc♡Jesus

    Let us fight!!!

    That's amazing people☺
  10. Dc♡Jesus


    Hi...welcome☺ nice to meet you, send me a message if you'd like to chat
  11. Dc♡Jesus

    Hi there! (:

    Hi, pleased to meet you☺ that's wonderful. Send me a message if you'd like to chat
  12. Dc♡Jesus

    Let us fight!!!

    Sooooo not spook
  13. Dc♡Jesus

    Let us fight!!!

    Look, I'm not sure if this is in the right place...but I'm happy to move it if it's not. Just a few things on my mind: This forum seems to be dying and it shouldn't be...it's providing support and hope for people...and it could do spook much more. I think it's time to fight for its survival. Let's bring people in, talk about it. So many don't even know it's out there and they need something like this. Why don't we work together...as a community as a body of believers, to bring these forums to life again. I'm sure we can do it together. Talk about it at school at youth at church. Tell people to take a look. Let's make an effort. I personally have enjoyed this immensely...and I've only been on for a day or two☺ there is power in communion....in togetherness. We as teens and young adults can bring about a change. It starts with something small....something like this....a website dedicated to bringing and growing people in Christ our Lord and Savior. Let's get excited. Let's fight!!!
  14. Dc♡Jesus

    idk what to call it...guilt?

    Ask God to reveal himself to you in a real way☺☺☺ we're all praying for you.
  15. Dc♡Jesus

    idk what to call it...guilt?

    That's good advice. Take courage, God is merciful....ask and He will forgive you. That's why Christ came...to meet us where we're at...he knows that we aren't perfect and He's always there anyway. Pray about it, ask God what he wants you to do and listen for his response. Do not fear...it will be hard but He is in control. He will help you...and He will never leave you. He's not an only good person God....he's a God of mercy and forgiveness....that's what He taught us. And your church won't judge you...if they do they are judged by the same standard...and found wanting..they're also people...they make mistakes...but God calls us to love, no matter what. I'd also be happy to talk to you...send me a message anytime☺