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    Hi its "Mandy" I happened to find out you could put in your biography and i said "why not?"
    I'm 15 right now and in my first year of highschool. I'm pretty quiet in school and that sucks, but I'm still trying to burst out of my shell. I love my family and hope this forum will help me with my problems. It has, people here have some great advice. Anywho, I'm open to talk to :) hope you all have a wonderful day, whoever is stalking this page :P
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    Drawing, Writing, and Watching Youtube
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  1. Welcome and yeah sometimes i come on here and thier are only 2-4 people on, but hope you enjoy
  2. As i get older I realize just how fake people can end up being

    -not very encouraging but true 

    <3 hope everyone's having a good day 

  3. no trouble here in getting some friends
  4. to take care of your teeth.... 1. brush twice a day (brush your tongue and gums(brush softly)) 2. floss once a day (prefebery evening) 3. rince your mouth with alchohol free mouth wash 4. avoid sweets/sugars/soda/caffeen 5. eat fruits like apples, and drink milk to help your teeth hoped this helped -keep that smile <3 Mandy
  5. Whatever you're going through, however bad it is

    ask yourself......Did I remain faithful to God? or did I get angry and walk away?

    -A speaker from my church said this and it kinda helped me to get myself together

    <3 Hope this helped anyone

  6. no in the last 24 hours have you hugged someone?
  7. Well yes and no... yes because sometimes there are people that i've met who have a good heart and all but they have a problem with cussing mainly because of their family and everything. He has a big heart but cusses. Then you could have someone who is not a believer and yet is a good friend. It's not like God is telling us to shun those who dont believe in him. We can be friends with those who don't believe, but you'll never have that bond you get with them in spiritual terms. and no because I've heard in the bible that bad company can corrupt a good heart, so if you hang out with people who often, smoke, drink, cuss, and are not believers, you could be put at a higher risk of falling into that kind of lifestyle. When we surround ourselves with people who are Christ like and who you see are mainly doing the right thing then it helps us spiritually. Mandy <3
  8. Thy will be done by Hillary Scott is a song that calms me. it's been in my heart for awhile <3 

  9. What do you guys plan on being in the future? There are a lot of occupations but what would you be interested in and why? I'm planning to work more towards the medical field are. probably a doctor
  10. Oh, well i hope God can help you with this. ill pray for you too
  11. thanks -Mandy
  12. also a way to confess to someone of what your dealing with is to write down exactly how you're feeling then hand the note to your mom or dad or someone close to you without thinking Dont have second thoughts. (second thoughts about doing the right thing is common especially something like this where your exposing yourself as to what your dealing with, but just take it step by step) keeping things from your family and friends is something that can really hurt a relationship and i learned from experience and used this way to confess to my mom and dad what i had done and after that I felt happy that i no longer carried a secret and that they knew me in every way. once you get that over with ask for their prayers and you can share your burdens with loved ones
  13. Haha really laughed in real life
  14. friends are a gift from God 

    -from our daily bread 

    -Mandy :D

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    2. Michi


      Is it okay to like to be alone? I mean sure i have some friends and they talk to me but i mostly like to be alone.

    3. MandySCOtt


      of course Michi :) 

      you be you :thumbup:


    4. Michi


      thank you!

  15. currently listening to my sister singing wish she'd stop -Mandy