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    Hi its "Mandy" I happened to find out you could put in your biography and i said "why not?"
    I'm 15 right now and in my first year of highschool. I'm pretty quiet in school and that sucks, but I'm still trying to burst out of my shell. I love my family and hope this forum will help me with my problems. It has, people here have some great advice. Anywho, I'm open to talk to :) hope you all have a wonderful day, whoever is stalking this page :P
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    Drawing, Writing, and Watching Youtube
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  1. Thy will be done by Hillary Scott is a song that calms me. it's been in my heart for awhile <3 

  2. What do you guys plan on being in the future? There are a lot of occupations but what would you be interested in and why? I'm planning to work more towards the medical field are. probably a doctor
  3. Oh, well i hope God can help you with this. ill pray for you too
  4. thanks -Mandy
  5. also a way to confess to someone of what your dealing with is to write down exactly how you're feeling then hand the note to your mom or dad or someone close to you without thinking Dont have second thoughts. (second thoughts about doing the right thing is common especially something like this where your exposing yourself as to what your dealing with, but just take it step by step) keeping things from your family and friends is something that can really hurt a relationship and i learned from experience and used this way to confess to my mom and dad what i had done and after that I felt happy that i no longer carried a secret and that they knew me in every way. once you get that over with ask for their prayers and you can share your burdens with loved ones
  6. Haha really laughed in real life
  7. friends are a gift from God 

    -from our daily bread 

    -Mandy :D

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    2. Michi


      Is it okay to like to be alone? I mean sure i have some friends and they talk to me but i mostly like to be alone.

    3. MandySCOtt


      of course Michi :) 

      you be you :thumbup:


    4. Michi


      thank you!

  8. currently listening to my sister singing wish she'd stop -Mandy
  9. Great Testimony I sometimes have issues with anxiety so i can see how you feel I really know that God can help you overcome any obstacle -Mandy
  10. Mean girls (i feel like everyone's seen it so i decided to watch it) it was alright
  11. Hey Gabriel Sorry for responding pretty late but there is always a way to overcome a problem, (pray) and know that in your heart that you don't like men, that its just a manipulation. that's gone in your mind I dont want to say your feelings arent true, but i'm saying it could be that. the mind is a powerful thing once you give in to the idea of liking men then thats what you become. I'd suggest you tell someone close to you so they can pray about this problem (I really think you can overcome this ) -Mandy
  12. Thanks for the suggestions ill keep that in mind
  13. I'd suggest to go out more, volunteer and find some female friends. and just remember to be yourself (its kinda cheesy but true, cuz thats the only way someones going to know you) or Davida -Mandy
  14. hey Brad welcome ! Same here, I came here with some stuff i've been struggling with and people here have some great advice, all you have to do is find the right people -Mandy
  15. Whats with Donald Trumps new "immigration ban"?? 

    Why is he our president!? :crying:

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    2. MandySCOtt


      sir will- Oh i'm not really going to leave i was kidding :)
      and i believe the people will not just keep someone who is putting a lot of "damage" to stay in office


    3. Sir Will

      Sir Will

      But then again, America isn't like Europe, we haven't dealt with tyrants and evil kings, just some dumb presidents here and there, unless you count our control under the British Empire. Europe has quite well shown us that people will not always stand up and do what they believe is right, especially if they are persuaded by false hope. But that's why America has people like us who can stand up for what we believe in. ^^

    4. MandySCOtt