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  1. Haven't been active at all.. :ohmy:

    1. MandySCOtt


      Thanks, I'll try to be a little more active. :)

  2. MandySCOtt

    Getting made fun of

    Hmmm You could try telling your mom about how the kids are treating you. But dont say it in a "complaining tone" personally my mom hates it when I complain and would further make things worse for me. Say it respectably, and be polite. Typically if your calm parents will consider what your saying more than if you were to complain or say it with an emotion of "annoyance". Try it. Hopefully it works out. -Mandy
  3. MandySCOtt

    Getting made fun of

    Just get through It, you can strut down that hallway without giving a crap. You could learn to embrace your coat and walk proudly, if people know your not embarrassed by it most likely they wont feel the need to laugh at you as much. Or you could talk to your mom about how you feel and maybe she'll understand -Mandy
  4. I love your attitude on Having no friends. Most people would mope around and be bummed out, but you've proven yourself to be very strong. Your're really inspiring. <3 Mandy
  5. I  feel different

  6. MandySCOtt


    So I was thinking that once someone is saved then what? Could you lose your salvation?
  7. Hoping to make the best out of this summer :)

    Gonna try to get out of my comfort zone!

  8. Anyone watch 13 reasons why?

    I Advice anyone with suicidal thoughts and depression to NOT watch it.

    I thought the series was alright. pretty sad though


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    2. MandySCOtt


      The show? I thought the show really was an eye opener to bullying and the effect it can really bring on a persons life overall.

    3. Monster/Messiah


      I remind you Columbine high school massacre. Not this shame.

    4. MandySCOtt


      ?? I'm still not sure what your talking about 0_o


  9. Well It's a first step to want to leave your friends because you think they're a bad influence. I think that you should step out of your pew and try to find oppurtunities to talk to other people beside your friend group. In school when you have to have a partner find someone else to work with and see if they seem nice to hang with, and talk to their friends. - Mandy <3
  10. I'm gonna tell you  about  2 people.........


    the first person smokes, cusses, and is basically what you'd call a rebel

    the second person is what you'd call more submissive, humble, and respectful, basically the opposite of the first person.

    what do they have in common?

    they're the same person....


    Well they're two faced: different people at different places acting out as a different person. They should get a Grammy for best actor.

    Just think of it, are you this person?

    Do you act holy at church, or act a certain way around your friends or peers, but then come home to well.... who you really are?

    I'm gonna remind you to be yourself Wherever you go.

    I know I'm still working on it. 

    -Mandy :)


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    2. MandySCOtt


      Thank you, glad I helped someone! :)

    3. VulpineCelt


      Definitely, writing is a creative gift, never feel shy to embrace that!

    4. Michi


      we're all going to find people like that. The best thing is not to get close to people. you can talk to them but make sure not to get too close. For me, I am anti-social and I have problems interacting with people. 

  11. MandySCOtt

    April 12th 2007

    woah 10 years sorry for being late but congrats you've given a lot of great advice and you have an amazing sense of humor. <3 -Mandy
  12. MandySCOtt

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Just watched "The Way way back" It was a good movie
  13. MandySCOtt

    Hi Hi!

    Welcome and yeah sometimes i come on here and thier are only 2-4 people on, but hope you enjoy
  14. As i get older I realize just how fake people can end up being

    -not very encouraging but true 

    <3 hope everyone's having a good day 

  15. MandySCOtt

    Looking for friends

    no trouble here in getting some friends