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  1. I'm gonna tell you  about  2 people.........


    the first person smokes, cusses, and is basically what you'd call a rebel

    the second person is what you'd call more submissive, humble, and respectful, basically the opposite of the first person.

    what do they have in common?

    they're the same person....


    Well they're two faced: different people at different places acting out as a different person. They should get a Grammy for best actor.

    Just think of it, are you this person?

    Do you act holy at church, or act a certain way around your friends or peers, but then come home to well.... who you really are?

    I'm gonna remind you to be yourself Wherever you go.

    I know I'm still working on it. 

    -Mandy :)


    1. Sir Will

      Sir Will

      Very nice, good advice to anyone, putting up a facade can confuse others, and especially, yourself.

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