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    Hey! I'm just a small town girl who loves Jesus! I just found this site and I'm really excited about meeting Christians around my age. I don't know a lot of people outside of my church with similar beliefs.

    Hit me up on google hangouts. I'm "Itsamyt303.
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  1. Amyt303


    Welcome! That is so exciting! What is your favorite part of being a MK?
  2. Amyt303

    Hi I'm new here.

    Hey Luna, welcome to the site!
  3. Amyt303

    Clothing Question

    Here is my perspective as a girl: She isn't your wife so you can't tell her what to wear (not that you are trying to, you're being really fair about all this). I agree with the Bible verse Delores posted. Its better to be modest as a Christian. Not just because it might make boys lust, but because its more respectful to ourselves and to God. With all that said, just ask her. If you explain everything she should be reasonable Please update us!
  4. Нашли цену дешевле? Мы вернем Вам разницу. Звоните

    1. Profnastil


      Нашли цену дешевле? Мы вернем Вам разницу. Звоните

  5. Amyt303

    Some Dating Advice

    I agree 100%
  6. Amyt303

    Your Translation?

    I love the KJV, but also enjoy ESV and HCSB.
  7. Amyt303


    I'm praying.
  8. Amyt303

    God's plan for me

    Thats beautiful
  9. Amyt303

    New guy to the community

    Hey Josh. Welcome to CTF! Same for me, hit me up
  10. Amyt303

    What should I do

    How old are your sister and cousins? I've talked about this with the girls in my school group (who are younger than us) because they get this kind of pressure too. If you're not ready you're not ready and they should lay off. Tell them that they aren't being Christ like by teasing you. More importantly, you have to think about the purpose of relationships. I don't believe in dating just to date. I think dating (or courting or w/e you call it) should be to see if a couple is ready for marriage. If you know you're not ready to get married then you're not ready to be romantic with a boy. Plus, no guy our age is ready to be a spiritual leader and head of household. I hope this is helpful
  11. Thats so intense. I'm praying for you
  12. Amyt303

    Name is Michi

    Welcome to the forum!
  13. Hey Rose, its nice to meet you! I'm pretty new here too, I'd love to chat sometime!