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    I'm just your average Christian teen girl who has big plans for the future. I want to be a missionary, as I feel that is God's calling. I love books and creativity. I also have a heart for the Jewish people as well as Israel. I love the Bible very much and love to tape/write in it and study it.
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    books, Sherlock BBC, the Bible
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  1. regadoo

    Porn Addict

    Hello Anonymous, I see that this post was made about a year ago, but nonetheless I hope I can be of assistance whether you are still involved with the addiction or you are free of the addiction but still have those "bad days" every once in awhile where you feel badly tempted. I myself was addicted to porn quite badly for a year in middle school, so I understand quite clearly what you've been going through. I'm going to say right off the bat that you have nothing to be ashamed of, you hear me? Nothing! I'm not ashamed of you, and God is not ashamed of you! We're all humans and we all fall into sin and the ways of this world. I saw that you said that you think you've tried basically just about anything that's possible to get off of the addiction, and I went through the same thing. My best friend told me a couple months ago that she herself is in the midst of this addiction right now. I praise God everyday that she came to someone for help. Now I'll admit, for awhile I was a not-so-good friend and did a rubbish job of helping her get out of it, but it's changed now. We've set up an accountability partner system with each other. Every morning I send a verse for her to think on to start her day. I make sure she knows that I nor God are ashamed of her, that we both love her very much. I make sure she understands very clearly that she needs to call/text me anytime she needs to whenever she feels temptation or she already fell into temptation or she simply needs to talk. Every night before we go to bed we set up a time for every night of the week when we will call each other and chat basically about anything we feel like we need/want to. We pray and encourage one another. I've started giving her a weekly challenge and we talk about at the end of the week. I'm currently working on making three key goals we're going to try and get her to accomplish in a certain span of time. We talk about all the different ways she can access the content and ways to get rid of it/minimize it. So, my advice? Find someone you trust with your life (literally), someone who is a strong and faithful Christian, someone who can encourage and lift you up. and most importantly someone who will push you to do your very best and won't care when you have bad days and totally ignore them all day. Get an accountability partner! Please! I'm telling this to everyone addicted to any type of addiction in general, accountability partners are wonderful for everyone involved! P.S.- sorry for the ridiculously long message, but not sorry enough to make it smaller (: People need to hear this message loud and clear!
  2. regadoo

    What foreign religion interests you most?

    Judaism for sure, I've always loved studying it and reading about it. I'm planning on carrying out ministry there one day, as my entire family- extended family included- is all going to Israel some years from now, as my Uncle has a ministry here in the USA and wants to carry it over to Israel, where it all started. When I was younger my mom noticed that I loved learning and reading about Judaism so much that after we got home from church she outright asked me if I was going to become Jewish one day... I laughed my head off, as I was and still am a stead-fast Christian. Gives me something to laugh and smile about every time I think about it.
  3. The summer of 5th grade at church camp I was praying to God and pleading with him, asking him what I would turn out to be in he future. I got a response in the form of a small, quiet voice that said in my heart "missionary." Ever since then my life has become focused on this goal, which is my dream to become a full-time missionary. I'm now a high school student and have been on several missions trips thanks to my parents and God. I absolutely love it, it's definently my environment once I learn to get out of my comfort zone and listen to God. Of course, there's always those many moments of doubt if that was actually God speaking to me? how can I afford this kind of a lifestyle? Where will I do the mission work? Stuff like that. I have some ideas for where I want to go or do, but that's not really up to me. I feel self-concious when I tell people what I want to do, and I feel like everyone is saying "you really think God's calling you to this?" After all, I am an introvert. But I try to remember that God isn't finished with me yet. So, i'm asking for prayer, guidance, and verses, etc. to encourage me and others like me.