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    I personally believe modesty is in the attitude, not simply the clothing. I quite often go around in crop tops, even bralettes when I'm at festivals and daisy dukes (booty shorts) or mini skirts. In the winter I often where tight fitted jeans or leggings and tight fitted shirts. To Church, I often where long dresses or nice jeans and a blouse. My personal belief is that yes, the body is a wonderful and sacred gift but the body is not a sexual object, if people have a problem with how I dress they need to look back at their thoughts and reasons for being uncomfortable because it is often that they cannot control their own impure thoughts. I dress so that I am comfortable and happy with how I feel and look because that helps me to be confident and because I am a very introverted person the added confidence helps when I am called to put myself out of my comfort zone and do the Lord's work. Just as an added point; I have piercings, tattoos, died hair and I am pansexual engaged in a lesbian relationship. No, I'm not your atypical Christian but that doesn't make me any less Christian. Its time to redefine Christian and break the stereo types; so many people I know have so much of what I can almost define as fear of the Christian religion and its time to show them that that's not what we are. We are not the thing of nightmares, of judgement and hatred and segregation. We are open and loving and we welcome all.
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    Salvation prayers.

    Adding these names to my prayer list. My heart goes out to all, thoughts and prayers are with you!
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    Hey, my name is Rosalee but everyone calls me Rose. I'm a 17 yearold girl, I was born February 1st 1999 in Ottawa, Ontario and have lived here my whole life. I am cis-gender female, pansexual; cis-gender means means that I was born and present as female, pansexual means that I can love anyone in a romantic/sexual way gender does not affect it, it's all about personality. For those of you who don't know thats in Canada. I am currently repeating my grade 11 year at the Alternative High School. I hope to graduate before mid year of next school year and then attend Carleton University for BGinS. I love music and learning but my favorite thing to do is read. I was raised Protestant Christian in the United Church of Canada, I was baptized in Fallowfield United Church of the Merivale-Fallowfield Joint Pastoral Charge. I now attend the LifeCentre Church in Orleans and just simply consider myself Christian. The basis of all my beliefs is that God loves everyone and we have all been created in God's image. It has taken me some time to come to terms with my sexuality in perspective of my religion. What I'm going to say next is a little controversial but it's what I believe and y'all are reading this to learn about me. Although I believe in the word of the bible, I don't subscribe to all the beliefs within the bible. Some of them are irrelevant in this day and age and some are not. Its up to us to use our brains.