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  1. RightNote

    Can pillows cause neck pain?

    A pillow that's too high or too low, or which fails to support the neck itself, can cause pressure to build up as the neck tries to compensate for the lack of support.
  2. RightNote

    Loneliness and COVID-19

    Yes, that's what I did. I also made one on one time for each kid especially my teen.
  3. RightNote

    Loneliness and COVID-19

    This is true actually. I've seen on some websites that most people that adolescents are mostly having this mental illness which is really alarming to others. But you can reduce it in some ways like exercising, proper diet, reading books or other activities that can boost your own physical and mental health.
  4. RightNote

    Good chair recommendation?

    Serta Smart Layers Arlington Air Executive Chair $220 in Office Depot
  5. RightNote

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Wonderwoman 84, didn't like it
  6. RightNote

    Loneliness and COVID-19

    So how are you these days?
  7. RightNote

    Now Playing...

    Merry Christmas everyone
  8. RightNote

    Tooth filling

    It's better to go see a dentist to get the right answer
  9. RightNote

    Loneliness and COVID-19

    I really admire how you handle being lonely, I love your positive attitude.
  10. RightNote

    Share your Art!

    Is this from Attack on Titan anime? Loved it!
  11. RightNote

    Loneliness and COVID-19

    Many people has been greatly affected by this pandemic, but it's comforting to know, that there are some that's been coping very well during these times.
  12. RightNote

    Loneliness and COVID-19

    As physical distancing rules have resulted in a decline of in-person social contact, a lot of teens are feeling lonely. without intervention, prolonged loneliness can have a profound negative impact on health and wellbeing. how does the covid 19 pandemic affect you mentally?
  13. RightNote

    Share your Art!

    it's nice, pls share more
  14. RightNote

    What are you eating?

    having some strawberry streusel at the moment
  15. I feel you, I just do some yoga/meditation to clear my mind