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  1. RightNote

    More Stressed Than Ever

    Are you back in school now or still doing online school?
  2. RightNote

    What Kind of Exercise Do You Do?

    it's popular lately maybe because of the pandemic, a lot of people have transitioned from working out in the gym to exercising from home. Yoga also can help manage stress, relaxes you, and give you brighter moods that's why it's popular during this pandemic.
  3. RightNote

    More Stressed Than Ever

    A lot of people have come back to work and most students are now back to school.
  4. RightNote


    That's great. Good luck on your vaccination
  5. RightNote

    More Stressed Than Ever

    Yes, I also do meditation, I think it's important to relax especially this time.
  6. RightNote

    Why We Need A World Without Email

    I have started by organizing most of my collaborative work projects in Asana and google sheets vs email messaging.
  7. RightNote

    More Stressed Than Ever

    New research finds adults in the United States are feeling their highest levels of stress since the pandemic began last year. Experts say the majority of the nation is experiencing collective trauma at this point. “Nobody is immune to the stress that’s happening right now, different people are experiencing different levels of stress overall,” said C. Vaile Wright, PhD, APA’s senior director of health care innovation. “We just weren’t built to maintain this level of stress and hypervigilance and hyperarousal for this length of time.” We all know that stress can negatively impact our immune system, cardiovascular health, and worsen the experience of chronic pain and other medical conditions. So what is the best thing to do to manage stress?
  8. RightNote

    Emotional Abuse

    Emotional abuse can involve Verbal abuse: yelling at you, insulting you, or swearing at you. Rejection: Constantly rejecting your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Gaslighting: making you doubt your own feelings and thoughts, and even your sanity, by manipulating the truth.
  9. RightNote

    I Need Prayers

    Sure, will pray for you and I hope everything would work out well.
  10. RightNote

    Favorite Action movie

    Definitely John Wick!
  11. RightNote

    Do You Prefer Cake or Pie?

    I love cake, although I also like pies I would prefer cake over pie
  12. RightNote

    Need a friend or just want to talk

    You can post on this forum and we are all here to listen
  13. RightNote


    We could all be friends here, everyone is welcome
  14. RightNote


    How is everyone doing now after more than a year on this pandemic?
  15. RightNote

    What Kind of Exercise Do You Do?

    I also do yoga and walking