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  1. I had my first root canal at the age of 12. I don't think that's risky for a 10-year old child. It's not really painful. She or he will just feel a little bit of pain when the dentist starts to inject the anesthesia but it will be gone in less than 30 seconds.
  2. Thank you for your support. I think she's having a hard time too since her husband has been a womanizer in the beginning. I'm not so sure if this is still a problem with her husband, but I think that on her part, she's doing it wrong. I am thinking of referring them to a counseling that can help them sort out their relationship.
  3. I just want to get this out of my chest.... I just found out that my friend is cheating on her husband. I have this dilemma right now on whether I will tell her husband or just let it be their personal problem.
  4. Hi Will, Did you discuss your problem with your girlfriend already? Be open about it with her and let's see what will be her response.
  5. Just an estimate. Probably more than 500 but less than 800. I'd love to read more but I'm too busy with work.
  6. Faye Kellerman's Jupiter's Bones.
  7. Either the first one or third one for me.
  8. A solution that will notify you and remind you of payments would be useful. Plus, I think some providers offer discounts if you pay early.
  9. Thanks for replying! I looked for a software that can help us with preventive actions and there are a lot to choose from. Any advice on what we should look for?
  10. In taking care of my teeth, I eat what I want provided that I brush my teeth as often as it should be. I use a dental floss and a regular toothpaste. One important thing is I do a regular visit to my dentist for cleaning and checking of my teeth. It should be at least once a year.
  11. Based on my daughter's experience, you should try to pursue less competitive scholarships because you will have the greater chances to get an approval. You must also apply to every scholarship or grants for which you are eligible. Submit all the necessary documents relevant to your application. Just be honest and attach proofs of eligibility. With those things, I'm positive that you will be receiving a grant. Good luck!
  12. I'm taking time to research about what will make our business improve. Our mission is to have a safe learning environment, modern and unique in our own way. Our main goal is to automate our process and find out some possible solutions and preventive actions that will better suit our growing needs. Can anyone share a software that will helps us with our school standards with ease. We've always wanted to be ready on the probable challenges that might be there in the future?
  13. You can start with Tumblr. And write whatever your heart tells you too.
  14. I have read the books the following books and it was really good: 1. I kissed dating goodbye 2. Boy meets girl 3. Passion and Purity The books are good for those who are struggling with dating and what approach as Christians should be taken.
  15. I'm sure your dad appreciate the positive things you are doing for him. Perhaps, he's not just the type who shows an appreciation but deep inside he cares for you. All parents love their children no matter what. They do even accept our imperfections and weaknesses.