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  1. What is the biggest challenge in your life that you have thought of ways to overcome? What is a challenge you already overcame? My biggest challenge was coming to terms with myself, and being truly honest with myself. Creating my own perspective on life, and living for myself, instead of living to make others happy.
  2. RightNote

    What book are you reading now?

    I am currently reading The Consequences of Fear by Jacqueline Winspear
  3. RightNote

    I’m just popping in!

    Congratulations on your engagement!
  4. RightNote


    How is everyone doing now that it's been more than a year into this pandemic?
  5. What is your favorite season and why? Me, I love spring because flowers are in bloom and it makes me happy. Spring break is also a great opportunity for some family bonding time, we get to celebrate Easter at home. How about you, what do you love about Spring, and what are your greatest memories as a child of your spring trip with the family?
  6. I am glad that Trump is out
  7. RightNote

    i cannot believe i’m typing this

    I pray by personally talking to God, lay all your troubles to him. Talk to God, because He is a listening God, tell Him all your troubles and you will be comforted by His love
  8. opening of presents on Christmas morning and vacation with the family
  9. to know more about the seasons and when it starts, check out this info https://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/aboutseasons.html
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    Favorite Scents

    I love the scent of coffee, especially in the morning
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    What are you eating?

    eating a BLT croissant right now
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    Favorite animal

    I both love dogs and cats, we have them at home
  13. You have a point there, the second season I love is Fall. Then, summer and the least would be winter because it's gloomy. What are your plans this spring?
  14. RightNote

    Natural Anxiety Remedies

    Anxiety is a terrible feeling that can cripple your day or week instantly. Anxious thoughts can hold you tightly and make it difficult to get on with your daily activities and responsibilities, and it's easy to let your self-care routine slip because all you feel like doing is hiding under your blanket. Are there natural remedies that you can try yourself to get your sleep routine and mental and physical wellbeing back on track again?
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    Your Hobbies!

    I love baking and dancing
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    Say something nice.

    What's up, everyone?
  18. RightNote

    Any last words?

    "Friends applaud, the comedy is over".
  19. RightNote

    troubles sleeping

    maybe yoga and meditation could help
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    I just watched Yes Day on Netflix yesterday, it's a movie about family
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    Need help

    I also think that marriage counseling is your best option, it's best that both of you go to counseling
  22. RightNote

    Want to quit alcohol addiction

    Some people are able to stop drinking on their own or with the help of a support group. Others need medical supervision in order to withdraw from alcohol safely and comfortably.
  23. RightNote

    Can pillows cause neck pain?

    A pillow that's too high or too low, or which fails to support the neck itself, can cause pressure to build up as the neck tries to compensate for the lack of support.
  24. RightNote

    Loneliness and COVID-19

    As physical distancing rules have resulted in a decline of in-person social contact, a lot of teens are feeling lonely. without intervention, prolonged loneliness can have a profound negative impact on health and wellbeing. how does the covid 19 pandemic affect you mentally?
  25. RightNote

    Loneliness and COVID-19

    Yes, that's what I did. I also made one on one time for each kid especially my teen.