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  1. BibleScholar2323

    God's plan for me

    just continue to walk with God he shall direct your path
  2. BibleScholar2323

    Overcoming sin

    i know the feeling i believe them dream start coming when you know better because i am 15 and knows the word off the back of my hand but i had the same dream the world was ending i was getting chased by fire and it was to late to repent i knew where my destination was then i woke up them dream goes to you first make sure you are walking in righteousness make sure you are living what you suppose to before you go out and tell anybody about the goodness of Jesus because the Gospel is nothing to play with because god is coming to church first when judgement day comes. That good even though you have those dreams you still keep God in your mind i am COGIC denomination we call that HELL-SCARED we all should be hell scared that's not a place you want to go. God will never leave nor forsaken thee no matter how bad the situation is God is right there but he waiting on you to give it in his hands to deal with he is waiting on you to make up in your mind that you putting all your problems on him and let him work them out we have a tendency of handling these situations on our own but we are here to glorify god honor god praise god as well when the devil came to talk Jesus into coming to serve he said no i rebuke thee we are here for the lord our god. the devil will flee but you got to have the faith and know without a shadow of doubt that Jesus will fix the issue . It sounds like you have no faith no hope but you need the fruit of the spirit to fight these spiritual wars. My cogic holy convocation theme was fighting for salvation and righteousness.When you read the bible because its your guidance through this life as well its not there to scare you its there to tell you what you need to get in them gates. It might be terrifying but that's the things Jesus already new the things the devil was gone tempt us with so if Jesus came through it so can you. And its funny that Jesus had all that power he could do anything but he did not use the power he had he use his natural power and sometimes his supernatural but he used his natural power the majority of the time and you know what them natural powers fasting,praying,preaching the gospel,keeping his faith and using it,having love he used all those and some more.
  3. BibleScholar2323

    Where is the answers to our unseen future dispite our mess

    i quoted it exactly as it was asked!! God bless!!
  4. we people have a tendency of going through situations and issues but we ask this question a lot. Where is the answers right now? God is not answering anymore! when i go to my pastor he give me the same word/prophecy. I need a right now answer to get me through today and to see tomorrow. I heard someone ask as well. Where is my breaking point in all this. I need a natural answer. i called that #SpirituallyConfused
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    Trump and Clinton Debate

    i am a young person i cant vote but i surely have a serious opinion we people need to understand spiritually God is still in control. Secondly, we all have a posture or a character we try to keep ourselves within when trying out for certain things. Trump should not be president because he has failed the presidential character or posture he suppose to uphold during this race. Hey Clinton , is no better she lied, and she has health issues. Clinton must understand she can be in the presidential chair up to 4 years i think so i how can you uphold a presidential title if you are not doing good with your health. For example if god calls me into the ministry and he puts me over a church but spiritually with the help of god i can do all things but if you don't have a spiritual mindset and faith its gone be hard but if I'm sick and it continuously getting worse i must hand the church to another leader how can i lead the church congregation with a nonfunctional body how can i lead the people if I'm not getting better but I'm trying to lead.